Monk Emblem Conundrum

Hello E & P Friends!

I recently maxed my first Joon, got him to 11 emblems and use him a lot and he’s my right flank in defense. I’d certainly like to power him up more.

Secondly, I have Skadi at 4-70, close to being maxed…she’s overpowered against minion opponents. But I can see while trying her out before being fully maxed, she’s going to need a little more bulk to actually kill the minions on the board. Obviously she’s not good on defense, plus I have a +18 vela and +18 Fenrir they do just fine.

I have plently of reset emblems and already took 6 off my Santa and gave them to Joon, I rarely use Santa. I also have a Raffael that I don’t use much either, will probably reset his 7 emblems. Now the unthinkable! I’m not a HUGE fan of Wilbur. Sure he serves a great purpose, but other than titans and 4* tournaments, I don’t use him. I have 19 emblems on him.

So a few questions for the astute community: Reset Raffy, where would the emblems be best given to, Skadi or Joon. Next, would it be prudent to strip Wilber? Perhaps strip him and give a few back to him and distribute the rest to the other 2?

What do y’all think?


Personally I think Skadi is one of the best Monk Emblem sinks. She isn’t fantastic on defence but I think she may actually be better on defence than Vela is tbh… but that’s by the by.

Regarding Wilbur:
What level titan do you fight? Ask that as it may not be necessary to have emblems on him… and even then, may not require +19, could possibly do +8 or something instead.

Regarding Santa:
Defs would pull them from him

Regarding Raffaele:
I would also reset.

Regarding who gets the now freed up emblems:
Joon is on your war defence. That makes him a priority…

I would pump Joon with emblems to at least +18 then move onto Skadi next.

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Thank you Guv, I really appreciate you on the forum, great advice. Only use Wilbur on green titans and we hit 9 and ten star mostly. Skadi is very situational but there are enough minions out there that he’s super useful.

Wilbur can take one hit without emblems and I could always mana pot him. Taffy, yeah I use Costume Kiril a lot more than him.

Great ideas, still have another few days until Skadi is finished. Thanks!!

I am actually in the same situation you are. The more I use Skadi the more I like her. Any minion makers and Skadi comes along. And that is more and more prevalent. Minion wars she is a beast! The scaling damage as opposing team dies is underrated and she is a good finisher. I personally have both at +9 and both on my defense team. I have Odin in the pipeline and will probably replace Joon with him once leveled. My current defense team is Sartana, Skadi, Telly, GM, Joon. This is also my base attack team, substitute out color weak to tank with strong. Keeps me easily in diamond with only a chest fill. I know I really didn’t answer your question, guess what I am saying is find a spot for Skid, good hero and only getting better with all the new minions.

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Very helpful!!

20 Graciases

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