Monk Emblems: Joon(c)/Jabberwock

My maxed 5* I have Zimkithia(18), Elena, Frida(19), Athena(20), Kunchen(19), Delilah(20), Owl, Kage(18), Viktor(18), Chameleon(7), Lianna(c), Alberich(1) and of course Joon(c) and Jabberwock

Just a personal opinion here. I have to strategize more against jabber.


You already have Kage and Viktor in purple to smack things around with, but there’s no fast speed yellow…so Joon.C makes sense.

On the other hand, Jabber is insane, harder to get, and harder to deal with.

I’d give them to whoever makes the cut on your war defense team. There’s no wrong answer here.


Agreed with the above. I have to strategize more against Jabber too. He’s challenging on defense.

Can’t go wrong with any of these two. I’d probably split the emblems between them. A costumed Joon is good on both offense and defense, emblems for your Joon would improve your offense. Got to start somewhere, you’ll want to give them both emblems eventually anyway.


Jabberwock is stronger as defender even if he could be harder to use on attack.

for def Jab
for atk JoonC; with the mention that joonC becomes vfast with mana23 without emblems


Jabberwock is the nastiest [censored]

Joon? you can kinda work around.

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