Who gets the mats PLEASE opinions and Help

Hey I need your Help once again :blush: Now after thoughts and having enough mats I can max Neith and Joon. Finally got him. Don’t worry he’ll wait.
I finished Tiburtus, Brienne, Hawkmoon, then I’ll finish Grimm. So I have the mats also for Kirill, Colen and one other red Hero. There I got Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile, Guardian Falcon and Sir Lancelot. And then I got mats for 2 purple. There I have Rigard, Merlin, Ameonna and Zyprian.

For red, 1000000000% falcon :slight_smile:

For purple, rigard and Merlin

Rigard is one of the best healers. Period. With the costume he’s the best.

Merlin is mana control so very powerful there. Not the best mana controller no but he’ll get you in the door.


Falcon is great but I wonder if it’s a good strategy to ascend him as the first red. But if there are mats for two red heroes then I’d say forget Colen and go for Falcon and one fast red (I think I’d go Lancelot)

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Red: Guardian Falcon, by far. He’ll help you on green titans and also make all the Kashhrek tanks you are or will soon be fighting more bearable. I’d ascend him first, probably following with Gormek (can never have too many defense down options) if you don’t have Wilbur, and Scarlett (high tiles, useful secondary component to special skill).

Purple: Rigard for that rare cleanse - I doubt you have another hero rostered who can do that, so he’s a clear first. Merlin would generally get my second set, though if you’re at a map stage where bosses are hitting very hard and you’re having trouble killing them I think Cyprian is reasonable - his riposte is extremely useful in beating harder stages (whatever ‘harder’ means to you at a given time) as long as you can heal through the damage. Which, let’s face it, you need to heal that damage whether you riposte it or not.

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Maxed and Talented:
Boril, Wilbur, Kashhrek, Sabina, Boldtusk, Neith and Kings 3/70 and finished a good Bench of 3*
Does this info helps, to help me, decide with the ones above I need help with? :slight_smile:
Not enough mats for green. I so would love to max Caedmon, Little John and Melendor. But the question are the red and purple.

Yes actually I thought so too :+1: And I have Rigard’s Costume. And I like Merlin and Falcon. Okay them it will be. But still need opinions on the second red. Colen yes or no. I always avoid him!

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Id say Scarlett over Colen. Shes fast, tile damage is high and the attack down on 3 is useful.

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With this new roster information I would bump Gormek down in priority since Wilbur can do your red defense down (better). I’d also bump down Cyprian, as you have Boril. Cyprian should still be considered later though. I think I remember a number of later hard Atlantis stages having yellow enemies, in which case Cyprian will be a more valuable riposter by bringing the strong element (talking tile damage here).

Red: I stand by Falcon. When you’re ready for a second, re-evaluate. No reason to decide on Colen now. If nothing changes I think I’d tend towards Scarlett, as an attack debuff and a fast hero are always useful. Also, will she (or anyone) get emblems? The rogue class is thin and I didn’t see you list Jackal anywhere. If she would then that’s a strong argument in her favor.

Purple: with the information that you have Rigard’s costume I’d actually make the order now as: Rigard, Costumed Rigard, Rigard. That is, take Rigard to 4.1, then max his costume, THEN come back and max his regular form. I think his costume is better, plus you’ll max it faster than his normal form (but you will eventually want both). Then re-evaluate.

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Thanks for this Info :+1:

Learned something here too!

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Thank you for the help everyone. Plus learned something again. So Falcon, Scarlett, Rigard and Merlin it will be :+1::blush:


I agree with @Guvnor choices 100% BUT with the addition of Scarlett. Do not sleep on her. She’s a glass cannon but when in her wing position can significantly help your team survivability. This of course depends on the AMS you have available.

Scarlett is FAST, hits HARD and drops 3 enemy hero’s attack by -34% for SIX turns. This can quickly change the outcome of a game giving you the needed time to change a bad board good or even charge a special or two.


To add to this, I’ve heard of people using her to great effect against Ursena in hard mode. That says a lot about the usefulness of attack down.


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