Leveling next assistance, please

I’m not including my 3* with a few exceptions.

Maxed: Merlin, Tiburtus, Proteus
Working on: Kunchen 3/61, Cyperian 3/60, Sartana 3/52, Ameonna 1/30
Untouched: Kageburado, Seshat (2), Sartana, Gafar (2), Rigard (2), Jabber, Cyperian, Sabina

Waiting on Tabards

Maxed: Chao, G.Jackel
Working on: Onatel 4/27, LiXiu 4/57, G. Owl 3/38, Joon 2/60
Untouched: Rana, WuKong, Gretel, Chao, Arman

Waiting on Mats

Maxed: Kiril, Grimm
Working on: Agwe 3/60, Sonya 3/60, Trition 3/60
Untouched: Capt. Of Diamonds, Kiril, Sonya, Boril (2), Grimm (3)

Mats to level 2 4*

Maxed: Hansel, Cademon, Krashrek, Gaderious
Working on: Atomos 2/60, Elkanen 3/52, Melendor 1/33
Untouched: Jack O’Hare, Gobbler, Gaderious, Skittleskull, Cademon, Krash (2), Little John, Melendor
3* Untouched: Muggy (3), Mnesseus, Hissan (3)

Mats to ascend 1 5 *

Maxed: Gormek, Colen, G.Falcon, Kellie, Sumitomo
Working on: Elena 3/58, Anzogh 2/18
Untouched: Khagan, Elena, Boldtusk (2), Kellie, Colen, Gormek, Scarlett (2)

Waiting on hidden blades

So, I need a little direction, please. Who do I finish first? Who do I leave behind? Who should be up next etc.

Thanks! :wink:
Have a great night


I’m absolutely no help here! Lol

I only stopped by to say after reading your lineup the clouds parted, a ray of sunlight beamed down and angels started to sing with war drums in the background! You have the making for some KILLER Raid Teams!

I haven’t played long enough to offer any advice, but you have a fan that’s rooting for you so kick butt and take names!


How many tabards do you need?
That said, I’d probably go with Sabina. The dispel and heal is great. Plus it is a passive dispel so you won’t get hurt removing a riposte.

Wu Kong. No question. Wu will increase your titan damage. Higher titan ranks will get you more rare mats to help with your other heroes.

Blue: You have a lot of great options. I think I’d go with Sonya. Just don’t go with Captain of Diamonds or Agwe; they aren’t worth it. Since you can level two of them, I’d go with Sonya and Triton.

Green: If you pull frequently, you might consider holding on to your tonics. Your options aren’t great. If you want to ascend a 5*, Elkanen. If you can wait, Melendor. Personally, I’m holding my tonics and hoping for Kingston in October.

Red: Boldtusk without question. I read about people with over 30 maxed 5*'s who still use Boldtusk. He is amazing. Level him. You won’t regret it.


Lol. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence!

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Thank you Stephan for the information. I was chewing hard on the blues… I have an adversion to Boril so I was trying to decide if I should just let the others be where they are and level him or not.
I really appreciate your input.

Have a great night.


Oh, and I’m shy 1 tabard

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Boril is a good hero. I personally don’t care for using the riposte on offense, but I know it can really help.

In regards to purple; the current rare quest is Shiloh desert, so in approximately 10 days Morlovia will pop. That is Tabard #6 for you. Something to think about.


Purple - Rigard
Yellow - Wu
Blue - Sonya / Triton (Boril only if you cant get past certain challenges/quests/trials)
Green - Mel (all the 3* are worth leveling) - don’t up your 5*
Red - Boldtusk


I must be going blind from all the farming today, I didn’t see Rigard. Level him, @califwolf


Yellow Finish WuKong ASAP for titans.
Purple get Kunchin to 3/70 and start KAGE take Kage to top ASAP
Blue You look about right. I guess you use Kiril as tank?? Boril is a NICE tank
Green Of the 5*s you have I would take Elk up and STOP on Atomos
Red I would take Elena up 1st and Khagan next I would Stop on Anzogh


Thanks for the specifics. Yes, I stopped on Atomos :wink: wasn’t making a lot of sense, but he’s there.
Should I save all of my doubles/triples or feed them to the others?

Self feed but not to others for 3* and above.

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I have an ascension dilemma - who to ascend to 4, Vivica or Ranvir?
Vivica - for: I do not have a 5* healer. This would give me all 5 colours in 5 * for a rainbow team.
against: she is slow. If I ascend her and promote to my #1 team I would have to demote Onatel.
Ranvir - for: he is fast
against: If I ascend him
and promote to my #1 team I would have to demote Onatel.

Slight complexity - at present I have Sabina at 4/70 and Tactics 14. She is the only 4* in my #1 team. However, I am levelling Obakan and he is at 4/56. So I want to move him to my # 1 team also

At present my team is Sabina/Onatel/Magni/Gregorion/Khagan. One option is to make it Obakan/Vivica/Magni/Gregorion/Khagan
Second option is Obakan/Ranvir/Magni/Gregorion/Khagan
Third option Obakan/Vivica or Ranvir/Onatel/Magni/Gregorion

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I myself would NOT replace Onatel with Viv.
Ranvir for titans ONLY basicly

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Thanks for your answer and sorry for my slow reply but I have now switched to using Ranvir for Titan raids only and he is superb. I don’t know how I managed without him!!! This also encouraged me to level up Wu Kong who had been sitting in my ‘will level up sometime’ group.

Again Thanks!

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