Sabina or Merlin?

I have the materials to ascend Sabina or Merlin to the 4th tier. Which would you ascend? Also, why would you choose one over the other? Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum @GammaPhiGamma,
This would depend on the rest of your team, you may need to share some status info on other heroes you have in your pack.


Sabina or Merlina, can you help me, how to create new account in game?? I have already account, but i want to create new??

Do you have another *4 healer? like Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor
Do you have another *4 mana control? like Proteus


If you feel you have a lot of healers already, then go with Merlin.

If you feel you need more healers for wars, then go with Sabina.

Neither is a bad choice, it just depends on your team.


I have Kiril and Rigard but just got them. So they are still 1-1.

For defense, I run with Grimm 3-60, Caedmon max, Kashhrek 3-60, Sabina 3-60, and Scarlett max. I am still working on some better defense heros I just picked up.

However, it seems Sabina being my main healer at this time should get the mats. Merlin looks to be good for raids/war but nothing else.

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And titans. And at quests. And map levels.

Merlin is great, his biggest weakness is being defensively weak, he punches out quickly. But his mindless attack is one of the best skills to delay special attacks, which are usually the most brutal form of damage from enemies.

But honestly Sabina is also useful in all those, healing and dispelling is just a great support combo. Both are great heroes. I do agree though that currently getting Sabina maxed seems like the best choice for your team :slight_smile: Work on Merlin soon afterwards though! Don’t underestimate him :wink:


Just to give context, here is my roster or 4* and 5*.

Domitia 3-49 (stopped once I got Merlin)
Sabina (3-60)
Merlin (3-60)
Rigard 1-1
Cyprian 1-1
Tiburtus 1-1

Justice 2-60
Wu Kong 4-23 (focusing on)
Danzaburo 2-10
Chao 1-1
Hu Tao 1-1

Grimm 3-60
Triton 2-10 (focusing on)
Kiril 1-1 (just pulled)
Sonya 1-1 (just pulled)

Margaret 1-25 (focusing on)
Caedmon Max
Kashhrek 3-60
Little John 2-18
Gadeirus 1-1
Skittleskull 1-1

Scarlett Max
Wilbur 2-11 (focusing on)
Kelile 3-41

I got Merlin early and he was a game changer for me. He enabled me to complete event levels, map levels, win raids and alliance war matches above where my team score would normally put me.

Unless you a totally bereft of healing, I’d go with Merlin.


From the status of your team so far, I will suggest Sabina, if Kiril had been up then I will say go with Merlin.
Sabina with healing your team/ debuff the enemies would come at advantage in raids map, and war particularly versus repost enemies, also her high tile damage can also be of advantage at full max 699, a few Sorcerers emblems would cross the attack stat over 700.
Plus you will need healer to sustain Grimm, Scarlet, Wu, and to a less extent Caedmon.


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