Who gets the hidden blades? 4 options

If against Titans, then Gormek. The defense debuff will add a lot to your damage. But because you already have Tiburtus, then Scarlett makes sense. Great tile damage + fast mana means she will hit often, and that damage adds up.

Plus, she debuffs attack of 3 enemies - great for wars.

@Raghadorn did you make a decision yet? If so, who did you go with?


I spoke with my alliance mates, and after they looked over my roster, they suggested I hold on ascension until I have 12 hidden blades. But by holding, I’ll be prepared to push a hero to 80 once I land a 5 star.

I’ll go with Scarlett when the time comes, but not for a while yet.

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Thanks for this thread. It helped me to decide between Colen, Scarlett and Kelile. I already had BT and Gormek maxed, so I went with Scarlett. She’ll be useful against green titans and in wars.


I would wait for Grazul next month HOTM. You will pull it… and then want blades to take to 3.70

Gormek for defense down on titans.


I would still recommend Gormek.

Most have forgotten the purpose and value of Gormek.
His pulverizing skill is the one single purpose of this hero or any of the pulverizing hero.
The one with the highest chance to fire will always be the best one.

Basically you don’t need Gormek with high attack stats to be effective. His job is to make other heroes’ attacks more effective especially for 6 turns. The defense down skill is one of the best skills in the game and it is coming from a 4* hero.

The only exception of not upping him would be Wilbur.


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