Who do you think is worth the darts: Musashi or Ranvir

Who do you think is worth the darts: Musashi or Ranvir?

Ranvir if you need him for titans (ie no Miki / Tarlak / Wu). Otherwise Musashi.

Or wait if you don’t have, say, Joon.


Agreed with Nevamaor. If you have any other damage booster for titans then Ranvir becomes redundant. He’s worse then Miki and Tarlark and not enough of an improvement over Wukong to deserve 6 darts. Musashi beats him at every other aspect of the game.

Imo, even if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak but do have Wu Kong, I would do Musashi.

Musashi has more versatility. He has high attack and is good for raids/war/titan. I would only use Ranvir on titans. Depending on what level titans you’re hitting, Ranvir can serve well even at 3/70 as long as his skill is 8/8.

Most likely Neither. If you think you will get any yellow hero you like in the next 4-6 months I would save the darts.

Thx guys. I will go with Musashi, then.
I have Wu maxed out already for titans