FINALLY gotten enough darts who should I level up?

This depends a lot on what else you have. Do you have any other maxed 5*'s? How is your 4* roster?

Posting your roster would help people give you better advice :slight_smile: The answer really depends on who else you have.


Almost certainly Ranvir. Musashi isn’t awful, but Ranvir is going to have the largest impact

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That’s my entire roster

Ranvir most definitely in my opinion . He will have big influence.

You don’t have a maxed Wu Kong. I definitely vote for Ranvir. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m blind, yes you do! I’m sorry. That makes it harder. I think I still vote for Ranvir.

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So Justice is out? It’s between Ranvir an Musashi I appreciate it man

Yeah I got a Wu :grin: he’s on team 7

I know, I’m sorry. I just went back and saw that :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks guys I have a lot of to do on Ranvir I really appreciate the advice thanks again

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Justice is slow mana, and Ranvir fast so I would choose him. Musashi is on offense good and on defense easy kill.

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Justice is meh
Musashi is not a threat (on defense)
Ranvir i don’t know, but since he is fast, can attack and also has wukong ability, i would choose him over the the others

My vote goes to Ranvir. Imo, he is a more offensive Wu Kong.

i am at same situation . got Dart with Leo/Musashi/Ranvir/Justice as choice to asc , but i keep it for Guardian Gazelle which will come prolly next year , she is Ares with steroid or Guin if i am lucky to pull at next Avalon. my maxed yellow are Joon & Poseidon , i will asc Leo/Musashi/Ranvie/Justice after get 12 Dart. ah i forgot , i dont do Ranvir because i got Tarlak already.

have a similar decision. musashi or ranvir, i have maxed wu but still tend to ranvir, he is just too good :thinking:

Same for me got Justice Onatel Musashi & Ranvir at 3/70.

I need one for my raid & war def.

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Already went with Ranvir. In your case Onatel for d.

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Onatel or Ranvir , if you need Tank go for Onatel , if not pick Ranvir

I have a strong tank : Kunchen

then onatel to flank him.

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