Joon or Ranvir

Hello together,

it has been asked many times, nevertheless in my case really difficult for me:

I have 6 darts to bring another yellow 5*-hero to the final stage.

I already have the following maxed yellow 5* heroes:

Drake Fong & Vivica

Now I have Joon & Ranvir on 3/70. Who should receive my 6 poison darts ?

Pro Joon:

  • I already have Wu Kong on 4/70 (but no Tarlak)
  • Yellow Snipers are rare and Joon is a very good hero (Drake is different - no sniper)
  • Joon is an offensive Allrounder & could be my strongest hitter
  • Joon is a Monk and my emblems already has Drake Fong

Pro Ranvir:

  • I’m in an alliance that hits 12* Titans. One hit at Wu Kong and he is gone, Ranvir would survive at least one blow
  • Ranvir is “fast” compared to Wu Kong.
  • Ranvir is very good for every Titan, especially against dark ones.
  • Ranvir is a Druid and I have 400 emblems on the bench, I could give to him.

My other maxed 5* heroes are:


  • Magni
  • Frida
  • Isarnia


  • Gregorion
  • Evelyn


  • Anzogh
  • Khagan


  • Domitia
  • Seshat

For now I have four 5* snipers: Magni, Gregorion, Domitia & Seshat.
Since it takes another 6 months to get 6 Darts, I am happy about your advice… Thx

In all honesty since your alliance is facing 12 star titans and you have 400 druid emblems waiting, then the answer is clear to me. Ranvir should get the darts.


I agree Ranvir is the one I would choose. Ranvir is the most dynamic, Joon is great and worthy of the mats but with your roster of snipers I think he can wait.

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Another pro for Ranvir, from my experience with him, I use a lot less mana pots on titans. If you have Jackal his punch makes a pretty big dent also.

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on the Ranvir band wagon


I’m biased because I’ve maxed and ascended Joon. Therefore: pick Joon.

But for real, I’ve got Ranvir in my roster, he’s just not “sexy.”

He won’t help me win raids or wars. I’ve already got a 4/70 Wu Kong.

When my next yellow comes up for ascension it’ll be: Ranvir • Joon 2 • Justice • Delilah

It’ll be a choice between Delilah, Ranvir, and Joon 2. I’ll probably go with Ranvir :sunny:

+20 Druid emblems

Yeah, I’d normally be on the Joon train, but Rav will serve you well and having used 3/70 Joon for a loooong time, he can work well even against 4200+ teams as long as you hide him on a side and have a wee bit of luck.


Thanx for your answers…I go with Ranvir. Joon will definitly get the next 6 darts


I have both in max tier, and Ranvir is the best with no doubt, is my champion!! However, Joon is brilliant too. I love both of them!!I

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I don’t have Joon, but maxed Poseidon and maxed Ranvir. Also have Tarlak close to max - and by far prefer Ranvir to him for titans.

I’m a bit surprised to hear so many not counting on Ranvir for offense. To me he’s almost a game changer, at least in the aspect that he can win raids that would otherwise have been lost. I use him a LOT raiding: in every yellow mono (rarely run this mono though), in every yellow 3-2 and often as odd man out in purple or red 4+1. He’s THAT good.

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I’m in the same dilemma between Joon and Ranvir, but I currently don’t have any maxed 5s. Both are currently at 3-70. It seems like Ranvir’s real strength is in is special against titans, which is already maxed. Ranvir seems to be holding up just fine against 7-8 titans. My only other strong yellow is Chao +10.

On the emblem front, I’ve been giving Caed my druid emblems and don’t have a strong monk yet. (Jabbar is at 3-60, won’t get ascended for another 2 months) Seems like another reason to prefer Joon. Is there something I’m missing? Whoever I choose will probably make it into every raid team because they’ll quickly become one of my only 3 5-stars at the final tier.

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