Who deserves tabards?

  • Captain Sargasso
  • Aeron

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I’m done waiting for better dark hero which may never come so vote away. If you got minute to spare please elaborate on your choice. Much obliged :slight_smile:

And then you get Clarissa off a random free summoning…

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None! What if you pull Clarissa the new HOTM?

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Erm … please wait to see if you get Clarissa before you make a decision.

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Do you have Rigard and his costume?
The step up to Aeron isn’t enough to justify giving him tabards if you do, IMHO, but if you don’t then it’s worth considering.

Sargasso doesn’t hit all that hard, but in these days where HoT is popular on defences, he might give you something different… Depends on timing and troop levels though.

Neither hero is particularly stellar, but both have potential uses if you don’t have anything else in mind.


Okay, waiting till the end of the month for Clarissa. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sargasso if you don’t get classisa

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Maxed 2 aerons, i like pairing him with rigard and stacking the % heal with HoT plus cleanse all and immunity for nearby. Sure not as solid as zim+graz duo but does heal much more than those 2 and still very usable

Sargasso, I’ve never been impressed with. so a healer over a sargasso definitely makes sense to me

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Aeron was my first maxed 5* and I still use him in a purple stack. Not that I have a lot of options and I consider him a secondary healer, good for counteracting DoT. But the status ailment resist has been great to have on many occasions. He also sees use for me in every war.

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