Sargasso or Malicna?

I have the option of either Malicna or Sargasso for my next purple 5*. Both are average speed. Who would you choose?

My current purples are:

-Grimble +6
-Rigard +19 (no costume)
-Cheshire Cat +19
-Stonecleave +20
-Sabina +20 (no costume)
-Tibertus/Duke of Rock (maxed, no emblems)

Thanks in advance!

I’d rather go with Malicna. Her stats are better in every manner (attack, defense, and health). I also like her special more for the elemental link.
Sargasso will get you a bit more direct damage. The healing prevention used to be valuable in field aid wars, but I haven’t been using it as much recently and don’t miss it.


If you have a lot of Tabards, do Malicna. Personally I’d wait, but she’ll help you.

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@Chadmo I have the Tabards. Thanks. On my big account I have great purples–Jabberwock, Ursena, Sartana–and there are a bunch I lust after (Alfrike, Kunchen, Kageburado). But on this one I’ve only managed to draw three Grimbles, Quintus, Sargasso and now Malicna.

In a way I’m kinda glad I got Malicna now, because she’d probably sit unused if I got her on the other account.

Smart Adrian! Always have your alt account give it a run before the big one uses the MATs. Let us know how you like her.

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C.rigard c.tibs sargasso be a good combo know what yah getting.
Personally I’m still hesitate on maxing malicna if I had thee pirate I’d max over. But that’s me game style…

I’ve had a bit of a play with Malicna and I think she goes well with Grimble, particularly against Freya and Bera tanks where her special will recover the mana lost when they die


@Dudeious.Maximus don’t have C. Rigard… yet. Just plain old Rigard.

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