Is Aeron worth the tabards (for me)

I am 1 tabard short of being able to max my next dark 5*. I have Aeron sitting at 3-70.

Maxed dark 5s are
All about +9ish

Do I spend the hard earned mats on Aeron? Wait and hope HA gives me something better? I have Domitia, Quintus and Obakan all at 2-60.

I’m leaning towards waiting but not set on it.

Of all of those, my preference would be Domitia if you have her costume.
If not - wait for a better hero


I don’t, the only 5* costume I’ve managed to pull is Horghall…Who is still sitting at 1-1.

Domitia is good even without costume, but with 17 or 23 mana troop. Good shot and dispel is mandatory if you do not have Seshat.
But you have, so, Domitia is worse Seshat. Do you need another?

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I’m not a big fan of Aeron myself. There are a lot of better purple 5* to use Tabards on imo.

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Yes agreed but he already has Seshat on max so he can be a bit more patient.
I would probably take Domitia to 3/70 and see how she fits in. But then wait for her costume

I would wait and see if you get October HOTM. If you don’t then I would bring up Don.


If I had Doms costume I would probably max her for her art alone. I have 5 trap tools, so yes I could take her to 70, but it’s doubtful she would see any use.

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Sorry … in that case it’s a waiting game for you
Good luck

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What can i tell you? Aeron only good thing is the aliment protection (3 turns) and the stats. Otherwise is outmached by c.rigard in all aspects(healing, cleanse to all and atk boost to all not matter the colour).

You already have Kunchen so you have filled the 5☆ healing purple role.

You have covered the dispel too with seshat. Domitia could serve you well in wars as a second dispeler , in a second war team maybe.

Do you have c.rigard? If so, have you emblemed him?

From those who i wouldnt give tabards is Obakan. I have face him in many defenses and hes not useful at all.

The last one is Quintus. Do you have emblems to use on him? You can pair him with c.tiburtus and c.rigard and build something. It wont be gamechanger but will add diversity.

So , personally i would go Domitia》Quintus》Aeron》Obakan.

This because i have already two c.rigard maxed and a third one in coming. So i see aeron less useful to my roster needs

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Sigh… that’s about what I had decided, but was hoping he was better than I thought. Almost completely out of anything to work on. Fingers crossed HA gives me something​ decent!

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C.Rigard 1 is +20, C. Rigard 2 is like +2 or so.

Healers include
+20 C. Kiril 1
C. Kiril 2
Telly +8ish
Aegir maxed
C. Mel X2
Lady Woolerton

You seem to be well covered with all those healers… thats lessen the role of Aeron a little bit. Do you have any opinion made about him? Anchor made a video about aeron today.

Its only an opinion of course. But when im doubtful i always like to see the hero in action in raids in youtube videos.

Regarding Domitia is a safe bet. You max her and you will have a solid war tool. You know how this work. She hits hard and brings dispel to table. So useful that for war we never have enough.

Regarding Quintus
Im not a fan of slow heroes. But there are rush tournaments where he can shine… though you already have Ursena that deals a big punch to all.
Quintus pairs well with c.tiburtus and c.rigard. But so Ursena does

I like Aeron. But Costume Rigard has definitely meant you need to think about those tabards, there’s not a huge difference especially if you have spare emblems for Rigard.

For me, Aeron sits here and protects my def-down heroes in purple raid team:

Tibs+20, Aeron, Panther, Khiona, Kage.

Works well!

I think using the tabard on Aeron would eventually be a big regret. One you have 10 or more tabards, I’d use them on domnita. Hopefully you get one that suits your team better.

I have Aeron and Rigard (not costumed). And generally I will use Rigard over Aeron, because Rigard cleanses all (exception: Titans, as I don’t have the costume and Aeron gives the element link). If you have Rigard’s costume, well, he can become one tile faster than Aeron…

Unless you really really really need Aeron for war depth… I would wait. Especially as you have costumed Rigard AND Kunchen.

The only niches I’ve found Aeron to have so far, over Kunch / Rigard costume?

  1. Using him beside Seshat against Neith. Sesh is immune to Neith’s mana cut, and Aeron’s skill can protect her from Neith’s blind… (Rigard can’t do this, because Neith’s mana cut will stop him from using his special…) Useful (my Sesh killed a dangerous Mother North the next turn), but very very very situational.
  2. Firing Aeron off pre-emptively before a mana-slower like Telly, and Aeron can protect the two heroes beside him from mana slow. Useful if the next match will charge those heroes (the mana slow might cause them to require 2 matches instead of 1). Again, useful but very situational.
  3. to protect against the negative effects of the Springvale heroes’ specials. Although in all honesty, the self-defense-debuff of Lepus / Jack isn’t too bad; and if I’m bringing Lady Wooly she’s often my sole healer due to her speed, and she’s +15 so her cleric talent often protects her. And I don’t have Killhare, so no practical experience. Don’t have Roostley so can’t comment there either.

I don’t regret maxing Aeron… but then you have many more options.


I would not do Aeron, especially if you have c-Rigard +20. I really don’t think few points in stats in plus are worth 8 4*AMs. Also, from those you mentioned Domitia is best even without costume, but still inferior to Seshat. Depending on how much you pull you should go with Domitia (F2P, C2P), or wait a bit (P2P).

I got Aeron very long time ago, he was actually my first 5* and he was for a while my only purple 5*, but, in general, now he just got replaced by Costume Rigard. I personally still use him im wars despite having 2 CRigards at +19, but I don’t encourage anybody to max him now as CRigard exists.


I’ve also had Aeron a very long time, I had one extremely lucky day and got Kunchen and Aeron on the same atlantis coin pull. Aeron has been passed over every time I come up with enough tabards!

Oh I missed that I have 2 Boldies as well, once C. +20 and one regular +4.

Thanks everyone…you confirmed what I was already thinking…I will wait and see what happens and if I don’t get anything in a reasonable time I’ll go with Dom.

Costume Rigard is currently dominating the “purple healer” spot on attack teams. So I would not lean on Aeron.
I really like my Obakan when attacking at AW, fast mana speed and counterattack is really useful, if you have emblems to spare, he is one of the underrated heroes.

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