Which yellow 5* to Max next?

Maxed already:


Who should be next:

Bai Yeong

Or wait for possible Odin/Thor?

Not a fan of waiting for x or y. The chances are slim unless you use your credit card multiple times.

I have both norns and sir roster and they are very fun to play with. They are not top tier but really fun is a 3 2 with purple.

I played with musashi on my wifes account and he is also good, some top tier players are using him at the wing. Great for titans for his tile damage.

Bai yeong is a ? for me.

Conclusion? Can t go wrong with any of them

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Very useful hero at times.

Roostley is so-so… I maxed him because I like him, not because he’s anything special - high stats, special skill nothing special (usually only hits 2 on raids, or 3 on events/etc - in practical terms, White Rabbit does much the same damage total, with a useful rather than detrimental secondary effect).
Fun, yes… But very average.

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Musashi with emblems hits as hard as some snipers…

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