Holy Help: White Rabbit, Sif, Norns, or Bai Yeong

The game has blessed/cursed me with many yellow 5*s (more than any other color), but of course not enough darts :smile:

I only can take one of these 4 heroes to the final ascension.

I was initially debating between Sif and Norns, but then a very nice 10-pull gave me the rabbit and two pandas…so now I’m leaning towards White Rabbit but I wanted to hear opinions. I know…first world problems here :crazy_face:

Thanks for your suggestions!

Already maxed 5*s:

  • Drake
  • Nieth
  • Vivica
  • Poseidon

3-70 5*s (maxed skill)

  • White Rabbit
  • Norns
  • Sif
  • Bai Yeong
  • Ranvir
  • Inari
  • Leonidas
  • Justice

Maxed 4*s

  • G. Jackal
  • Guillinbursti
  • Mist
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White Rabbit 100%
20 char of defdown sturdy fast yellow


White Rabbit, then Sif, then Ranvir (if you dont have Miki or Tarlak)

White Rabbit. Shouldn’t be any hesitation here. WR is one of the rare holy defense ailment heroes (the other is costumed Vivica). No contest with the other options.

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I’m piling on. It’s Rabbit for sure. Sif will help you a lot, but WR is the best choice.

If you don’t have Viv’s costume then Rabbit. If you do, then Sif.


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