Norns or Sir Roostley for ascension

If you guys have , i want a little input in roostley. I think he can be a good flank in a defensive team but not so good on offense when attacking . Is he worst than killhare as everynody says?

Also Norns as i read is an attacking hero not suited for D

.My team:

Seshat, Mitshuko, Atomos, Vela, Joon. What should i ascend. Also have Leonidas. Thank you

I wanted Norns to be awesome so bad… but she’s not. She’s OK, and only on attack. On defense she’s worthless. I don’t think either hero will improve your current defense lineup.

On offense, I’d still pick Sir Roostley, though he doesn’t have the same hitting power of Killhare.

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Same, i wanted the chicken to be soo good. Also norns, most recent hero from s03 and she is at best decent :frowning:

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When I saw the chicken, I thought of Finley (who I’m lucky to have) and actually tried pulling for him a bit…but with no luck. I didn’t even get the Sheep as a consolation prize! Waaaaaaaaaah I’m ok now.

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On offense I’d take Norns over Roostley, on defense I’d go the other way.

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I’m pretty happy with my Sir Roostley in defense in the following line-up :

Tyr - Kageburado - Sir Roostley - Ariel - Seshat (4500 TP)

That team keeps me at a 50% winrate in the 2600 range, and I think it’s partly due to the pressure that Roostley can apply to the attacking team. We don’t see him much because of Telluria (same class), but he’s pretty decent in the tank position IMO.

With that said, he is still mediocre in offense and I only use him in AW to fill a slot in my yellow stacks. Norns may perform better but I didn’t have the opportunity to take her (them ?) on a test.

Eventually it’s up to you but I don’t regret ascending my Roostley as he is pretty solid in defense. Is he worth putting Joon and the Atomos-Vela center aside though ? That’s the question.

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Thx for the answers. Still a question mark over max roostely with emblems as he is paladin and few have him.

if anyone has that ( with or wothout emblems ) i would love to hear opinions on his role in a defensive team

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