Another Darts Dilemma: what yellow to ascend

So…another who gets the darts topic.

The contenders:

  • Vivica
  • Sir Roostley
  • Malosi
  • Norns
  • Bai Yeong
  • Justice

My current two fully leveled yellow 5 stars:

  • Neith
  • Malosi

I also have both Lady Whoolerton and Gullinbursti as yellow healers, so I’m in doubt to start on another yellow healer like Vivica.

Norns is cool, but I’m not certain how well she does on offence, and she’s not very well suited for defence imho.

Justice will probably stay benched forever, as I have Neith already which is much better in my opinion.

Roostley or the panda seem to make the most sense for me, but I’m curious about what others might think.

Sir Roostley all the way. Justice slow and weak, Bai Yeong has only 2 turns durations, healers you already have. Norns is a joke. Malosi already leveled on 80, second one isn’t that important imo.



Same dilemma with Ranvir, Bai Yeong and Vivica… Going with Vivica as I don’t have a yellow healer though

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Like every other dilemma, the big question is where you want to use your hero, but first you can already cross out some heroes. Don’t do Justice, Norms and a second Malosi. Not worth it. So Vivica, Roostley and Bai Yeong remain. What do you want to do with your hero? Do you already have a 5* healer? No? Then Vivica is your option, even better if you have her costume, but I get your point on the Lady and Gulli. Sor Roostley can be a killer, but not that great and last but not least Bai Yeong. New hero and as it looks now great against titans. The -75% accuracy is significant for keeping your heroes alive, combined with the +30% DEF against special skills, even better!


Thanks! Roostley seems like a good option, could make for a nice yellow tank as well if I ever replace my Telly.

My defence is very solid with Kage-Neith-Telly-Vela-Tyr keeping me in diamond pretty easy. So a hard hitting offence hero would be nice. Roostley can be devastating, though the chain reaction can also cripple him a bit.

Bai is also a good option, but I already got Malosi as a semi sniper and Neith for the blind. I’m leaning towards Roostley right now, but I’m keeping my options open.

I have rooster at 19 talents. When he hits is 400-500 dmg considering he goes 280% at an attack of 1100 with troops. However he hits most of the time 2 targets as the tank goes first down when attacking. In defense i use him as flank and he does well. If ulyou have another bunny they are nuclear bombs

So i use his 3 2 with the 2 being him and norns. It s very fun as you have so many options . 3 2 purple yellow most of the way

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Thanks! That’s some hard hitting attack indeed! Most paladin emblems go to Telly now, but who knows! I got Master Lepus (still waiting for scopes) so that would be a nice combo for an attack team.

Oh boy, I forgot to add my Guardian Owl, he’s still at 3/53. But I’ll take the rooster over the owl. :wink:

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