Next yellow 5*

Not sure what yellow i shld work on next. I have poseidon, joon, malosi and costume viv maxed. My options are musashi, roc, sif, 2nd poseidon, 2nd malosi. Im kind of torn. I was hoping for drake but hasnt happened. Any thoughts? I run my 4 maxed and jackal for my mono team. I run mostly mono in wars.

Personally my vote would be for SIF.

She’s rather handy in both offence in terms of adding survival to the team & counter attack damage; & as a defence flank she has proven to be a bit popular :slight_smile:


Thanks guv. Each day i feel differently. Liked musashi hitting 3 and fast, sif seems to be popular right now but avg speed, was convinced i wld do 2nd malosi for a day, roc avg cleanser is intriguing. And poseidon heaviest hitter. Lol. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

@Guvnor I just got onatel lol smh. Does that change your mind?

yes onatel is awesome

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Her mana control is on point! I don’t use her as much as I once did but she’s still a powerful hero.

I’d probably do Onatel over Sif personally.

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I think i agree…

SIF is recently very popular as the yellow riposte tank of choice. You cant go wrong with SIF period, a very solid defensive hero period, no real serious arguments against.

UNLESS your primary need is an attack hero, which SIF is not.
Im not a fan of Musashi or of Roc…both of them are OK, but neither has a real standout reason for choosing that turns the tides. Both Poseidon and Malosi can shine. Poseidon is a big gun, he hits hard and deadly, and brings some skillset. Im actually a much bigger fan of MALOSI than most. Very fast speed for a sniper. His offense numbers are kinda lower than all the other snipers so he is NOT a 1 shot kill type like most of the 400 hitters are used for. What Malosi does with his speed is delay the enemy selectively. Hes useless on defense due to no controlled aAI iming, but on your raid or war teams…his very fast speed allows him to disable the special effects of a threatening hero. He doesnt stop raw damage, but he eliminates over time damage, enemy buffs(Including attack up or heal over time), negative status effects…all at very fast level speed. All turn based badness for that hero stopped. Its a difference maker No more fear of some of the deadliest heroes in the game if he shoots them 1st with his speed. Vela…a soft 1st shot and no DOT. Alfrike? 5 200 damage cubes still hurt. But no mana eating team self destruction afterwards. It never happens. Gravemaker becmes a toothless pussycat, Same for Hel, and on and on.
If I already had a poseidon, I almost think Id choose a 2nd Malosi. You only need 1 defensive team layout at a time. may wanna shift a few pieces based on recent meta or particular enemy traits. but 1 stack of 5 heroes is what you defend with. all raids all war battles.

You need 6 stacks of 5 heroes for war, and Raids are won by choosing ATTACK heroes that can kil the analyzed defense.

I know Im in the minority, but for a 2nd hero, Malosi is possibly the better choice because he wont be needed for anything but a war team on attack only. Precisely where he shines the most.