White rabbit vs Joon

I have a dilemma and was hoping for some community input. I have enough Ascension materials to fully level one five star yellow. I’m torn between White rabbit and Joon. I started working on the white rabbit initially because I also have the queen of hearts and Jabberwocky and I thought they would all work well together, but then l pulled Joon. I only have two leveled fast 5 star snipers (Magni and Kingston) so Joon would be a welcomed addition, but the white rabbit looks great. I’m looking for a character to help in all aspects of the game (defense, offense, titans). To complicate matters, I will have enough orbs to bring a four star yellow to 4th tier if I ascend white rabbit but ascending Joon will take all the orbs I have. In the long run this is a little concerned because I know I’ll get more orbs. I just don’t know who I should give my darts to. Thanks for any advice.

You can’t go wrong either way and eventually you’ll be able to max them both. They both are excellent in all phases of the game. Some members question white rabbit on defense but I’ve been using him as a flank for Urs and holding above 2600 cups. It’s been better results than my Guin tank Urs flank setup. I would ascend white rabbit first and then Joon. White rabbits defense down can be devastating.

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White Rabbit’s defense down also helps more against Titans compared to Joon’s blind, especially as bulk of Titan damage comes from tiles rather than specials.

though i do think Joon’s single target hit is slightly more useful in raid offense. But I agree, either way you will have a strong versatile Yellow hitter.

i would personally go with Rabbit because you’ve already leveled him, and so it will be faster getting him maxed (especially as you have the materials ready), plus he is more useful for Titans and will still be very useful for Raids.


He’s more than useful in raids as well. If you have Jackal that combination is deadly lowering the defense on two. White rabbit is a staple on my raid teams

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Thanks for the advice.

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I love lamp. I love rabbit. I love…debuff.

Joon is great, but rabbit feels deceptively strong to me, and hitting three with the debuff on target is legit. RNG has given me over 20 orbs and I’m going Rabbit, Joon, Vivica since I also have Alby, Ariel, and Grazul for 5* healers. Drake is almost maxed since I need tank material and my only other options are Ariel, BT +18, Aegir, and Richard.

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Titans still rank #1 for mats. If you are hitting 11-star of higher titans, I would max Rabbit just for titans. If you are hitting titans under that, Rabbit can wait as his debuff and durability is just as good at 3/70.

For raids, I have found Rabbit ok. His damage is good enough, but debuffing only one target holds him back. I would only use him on defense for tournaments where purple was not allowed (in a yellow mono team).


Jackal + Rabbit = massive purple titan damage.

Joon should be next.