Which to use Wilbur or Boldtusk 6 emblem diamonds

I have been running them both through 19-4 and I can’t tell.

Not sure what you mean. I gave my fighter emblems to BT. My monk ones went to Wu instead of Wilbur for titans. Raid defense I’d use BT > Wilbur. Offense I use Wilbur more than BT. Titans I use both situationally but all things considered for Titans Wil>BT.

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Wilbur and Boldtusk don’t use the same Emblems.

Wilbur is a Monk, and Boldtusk is a Fighter.

Can you say a little more about what your question is?


Not sure im reading you right with the question here. But your asking hero to use to be most effective on map questing (both 6 diamonds on the talent tree)? I would suggest Boldtusk in this case. But for raids , titans and everything else I would be suggesting Wilbur.

But I agree with Zephyr1, your question does not make sense. Please edit

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The question is should I use boldtusk who have six diamonds from emblems or use Wilbur who have none on my defense team as the Red

I would use Wilbur only as a tank in defense team. So depends if you have a tank or not. Boldtusk works as a flank or a tank. I think the answer to your question is…it depends on the rest of your team. I would think Boldtusk is the better option if you went down the talent tree with shield. That’s assuming you went the shield route on the talent tree.

To be honest I think they are pretty equivalent in terms of how you will be using these heroes. I would probably put the edge in Boldtusk being able to heal the team. Wilbur usually cripples the team so if your running another healer Boldtusk would not cut it on the roster.

The best answer I can give you. Try them both, preferably @ tank or wherever you decide you want red to be in your roster and see who holds up better in the trophy stats over the course of a few days.

I’d be careful putting Wilbur in a raid defense team.

Personally I love seeing Wilbur there when I’m raiding, even better if he’s at tank - I have Kunchen who just flips the board giving my opponent spirit link w defense down. Any ramming pulverizer will do something similar. All this whilst I benefit from the spirit link myself, it helps keeping my weaker players alive since the AI don’t know whom to hit for best result.

If your choice is between BT and Wilbur for defense team, I’d go with BT every time. He’s a decent tank if you have mean flanks.


As Kitten says, wilbur on defense is dicey. A savvy player will flip his special on you - all you need is a def down and a defense buffer. Blue - strong color against wilbur - has both in the easy to get packages of Kiril and Grimm, so MANY people have the ability to do this.