Boldtusk or Wilbur to ascend?

just got the 4th hidden blade…first i wanna use it to ascend Wilbur , however lately since telluria release boldstuk is used more often…any advice?

Very much depend on your bench depth and priority. Wilbur is good gor titan and event boses but against Telluria and co, Boldtusk is the best bet as his healing and attack boost counter the D. O. T and def down of Vela.


overall, Wilbur. he helped me win countless tough events and challenges. plus, he is excellent against titans especially when your roster can’t survive over two hits

Depends where you are in the game. If you don’t have a 4 star healer, you need one, and BT is great. It isn’t that important who goes first, they are both definitely worthy of the blades


I’ve actually gone off Wilbur for raids and trials.

The current meta for raids has a lot of fast DoT. The best counter is to punch out heroes quickly.

Wilbur helps do a lot of damage, but by spreading it out, it actually delays a kill.

I prefer to fight four healthy enemies than five damaged enemies who are ready to burn, poison and burn me!

Wilbur is still great for titans and some of the tournaments, but I think Boldy is still more reliable and useful across the board.


A couple of months ago, I had to make the same choice. My tank was Sonya, and I needed a tank, so did Boldtusk first. Also, I shall suggest the same. Boldtusk.

Wilbur’s use is already mentioned here. He is much more effective with Boldtusk. I often use them together along with Scarlett.
If you do not need a healer and a tank, you can go for Wilbur.

Also, to make best use of Wilbur, you definitely need a attack buff. So, Boldtusk first.