More important. Wilbur or Falcon

So I just finished maxing Sumle and put 20 emblems on him. Now on a team with Boldtusk+20, Mist+2, Kingston & Anzogh (only 3/70 short of rings and he is not the first who will get them). I am a 3-1-1 player, fits how I play the game. Not interested in going to 4-1 or Mono.

I had been all set to start on Wilbur to replace Anzogh for the big damage possible for Sumle (and increase Mist’s too) But I have just got Guardian Falcon from coins after finishing Legendary.

Which do you think works better in the team? ( if it helps I have enough monk emblems to +20 Wilbur, but all paladin emblems go to Richard currently)

Wilbur and Falcon are top quality 4 star red heroes and you will eventually max both of them. As a combo they work perfectly also.

That said if I’m choosing only one of them, Falcon’s elemental def down is maybe the rarest skill, so my votes is for him. First of all, excellent for titans.Then, you can even bring a def down hero in another color in your 3-1-1 raid strategy, so the effects stack etc. Charging 2 average speed heroes in different colours at the same time is kind of tricky, but if you are committed to 3-1-1 you are probably gotten used to it already.


Wilbur and Sumle are a dream together. Wilby will give def down and spread Sumles damage to all so that the misses doesn’t matter.

Falcon is very fragile. He needs to be high on talents (+12 and up) to survive, while Wilbur is a real life saver even with a few nodes.

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If you don´t play mono Wilbur will be more useful to the non red heroes.



Say it all together,

It depends on the rest of your roster.

Wilbur and Falcon, together they fight crime

This is a similar discussion of red 4* heroes

(Kelile emblems?)

I like heroes that help the whole team. Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon on a 3x to 5x red team significantly increase the effectiveness

Boldtusk and Falcon, together they fight crime

Boldtusk and Falcon are pseudo 5* heroes due to defense stat being similar to a red 5* HotM


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I mean, he’s a 4*, but pretty sure you’re thinking of Jackal, who is a glass cannon. Falcon is pretty sturdy for a 4; he just hits like a wet noodle.


Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I think I will probably go Wilbur first as he will help me out in more situations even if I end up rejigging this team at some stage.


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