Which to ascend? Scarlett Or Flacon?

Ok. Just more for the reasons of depth. It’s really a question of is it better for depth to have more fire power maxed ,or defense?. I will include my roster to make it some what easier .

Probably Falcon, for green Titans — but it depends on what level Titans you’re fighting.

Elemental defense debuffing is huge for increasing damage on Titans. That would normally make me recommend Falcon first.

But Scarlett is definitely worth maxing too. Her 6 turn attack debuff is massively useful for Raids, War, Quests, Season 2 Hard, Titans…really everywhere. Plus she hits hard, both with tiles and her attack.

But she’s a glass canon, so she really needs to be maxed.

Falcon is sturdy, almost ridiculously so.

So my question: what level Titans are you fighting?

Because if it’s not very high, Falcon can do his job at 3-60, and I’d max Scarlett first.

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Falcon. Enough said.

We are currently fluctuating Between 7,& 8* titans at the moment . Ranvir is really maximizing The hero’s I have for titans without saying.

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Wilbur is a big benefit for Titans too, both for survival and the defense debuff.

For 7-8* Titans, if it were me, I’d max Scarlett first. Falcon will be at risk of dying against them, but Wilbur can help him make it through, and will be less at risk than 3-60 Scarlett. I’d feel differently if you were on 9-10* — and by the time you are, you’d likely be ready to max Falcon too.

Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, and Ranvir can be the foundation of your green Titan team well into 11*. I use basically that same mix now, except Wu in place of Ranvir (though I’ll be switching soon).


Thank you so much. Yes Wilbur , with kiril (which I fire first)to get kirils atk buff with the higher defense from Wilbur is killer with the 195% boost. Hit or miss


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