Level G. Falcon or Wilbur?


My main concern is titan hits. We’re usually hitting 9 or 10 stars.

My current red team includes maxed Gravemaker, Boldtusk and Scarlett. I also have Natalya 3-68.



Falcon and wu. Drop scarlett


Falcon is a gamechanger for green titans. Both he and Wilbur will help you out in the long run, but Falcon should be a priority.


And Wilbur or Lancelot?


Wilbur. I’ve had Lancelot for a while and am generally unimpressed. He’s got a very interesting ability, but at the end of the day he doesn’t hit hard enough to justify his squishiness. Wilbur provides a unique ability which, while situational, can be a gamechanger in raids, wars, and events.


Wilbur first: it’ll prevent your team to be oneshotted and it is good for every encounter.
Then G. Falcon and lastly Sir Lancelot.


items can prevent that too. falcons ability is irreplaceable.


Once he have a leveled Wilbur he can bring a 3.60 Falcon without making anyone die.


wilbur’s attack stat is 600. Faclon at 70 is only 550, probably 450 at 3/60. Those are atrocious attack stats for 9/10 star titans.

You can’t possibly be suggesting he replace two red heroes with attacks in the 700-780 range with BOTH of those heroes and expect to do better vs 9 and 10 star heroes, as compared to a 70 Falcon + higher attack stat heroes + items.


No, in fact I’m saying to level first Wilbur as he would be good even for other titans and that if the fire elemental’s debuff is needed he can always replace Scarlett and the 3.68 Natalya.

Scarlett’s tile damage is gold but it would be partially lost when she die.

I’m not meaning that her attack would disappear but that an alive hero with Boldusk + Gravemaker attack buff is surely better than a 767 attack score of a KOed hero.


right but BT + wilbur + falcon at 3/60 is a LOT of heroes with really weak attack scores.

Wilbur in fact won’t be good for increasing scores on other titans as his attack stat is super low and his special does nothing to contribute to damage. you need stacked strong heroes with key skills (defensive debuff, attack buff, etc) and wasting a hero slot on a non-strong color that does nothing but keep heroes alive is indeed a waste of a slot, especially an average one - if you need to mana charge him right off the bat, you’re wasting potions you could be using on damage skills like Wu or Ramming Pulverizer/Isarnia/Athena, ie. the key skills for damage.

You’re better off color stacking strong heroes and using items to keep heroes alive (or revive scrolls to bring them back when you need them) than bringing Wilbur. Spending 4 hidden blades on Wilbur and expecting titan scores to increase at all is going to bring about much disappointment and a waste of 4 blades.


But isn’t he the best of the defense debuffer + utility outta here?


debuffer = remove buffs or lower a stat. He doesn’t lower anything on the titan. He raises your own defense (i.e. a buff).

Defensive debuffers are gormek, grimm, tibertus, etc as they lower the enemy defense which GREATLY increases damage.

Almost all the damage from a big titan hit comes in 1 or 2 bursts, when you have a good board and all your key specials active (defense reduction on titan, colored defense reduction, attack buff, Wu). 75% of a big titan hit comes in two 8 second bursts.

EDIT - NVM, I see his last one has -44% debuff.


He also decrease defense by 44% and make foes share damage :wink:


there’s only 1 titan so nothing to share.

A strong color debuffer is still probably better, though now he’s not as bad as I thought. He replaces gormek, but shouldn’t replace big attack stats.


That’s exactly my plan. To replace Gormek with him.
I think he’s great against green titans. He lowers defense quite a lot AND he prevent your team from one-shots.


Just a related question for green titans. I have just pulled Wilbur. And I have also Kelile who is maxxed levelled. I also have G. Falcon which I haven’t ascend any level yet. Which of these two makes a better combo?


Agreed I leveled Falcon a couple months ago and he is amazing. Working on Wilbur now but Falcon is definitely a must have.


Wilbur + Falcon = You must level them. Quick, fast and hard.

Kelile = Not terrible, but not a premium 4* red.


I have also come to rely on falcon and Wilbur for green titans. It used to be one of my worst titan colors but now is one of my best.