Which should I level up first Thor or Uraeus?

I have both Thor and Uranus but only 6 darts. Which one should I give the darts too?

In the world of the minion meta, I thing Ureaus would suit you better. Even without minions on the board, he’s a good sniper.


Go for Uranus. He is truly an antidote against minions.



I think you wanted to say Uraeus.

I’d max him rather than Thor. Even if he’s average, he deals a decent damage and with the amount of minion makers in defense teams, his niche is really big.


In my honest opinion, both heroes are good. And both deserve the mats to take them to max.
But if it was me I would focus on Uraeus first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Ok I Uraeus it is :slight_smile: thanks for everyone’s opinion

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I’m surprised everyone said Uraeus. I would do Thor easily. I didn’t realize how much people hate Thor.


I like Ureaus more, im used to play with Joon and it always come in handy to have an sniper available.
The artwork of Ureaus is superb, thats my opinion of course.

With this new HOTM you will have some minion control and maker if play with a yellow stack, a really powerful damage input and dot.

But hey! If you have both heroes why dont you try them for yourself? I mean even at 3.70 you can realise how both heroes are played and then you can decide acording you playstyle who fits you the best.


Uraeus hands down.

Attack with mono yellow or yellow combo you will have minions in addition he handles minion heroes well.

He is very good for current meta IMO.

Thor is used more as a life saver hero rather than an aggressive one.

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I have 7 maxed holy legendaries, including Poseidon and Joon and his costume, with another Joon and costume both at 3/70. I have 22 darts standing by. If I have both, I’d certainly max Thor first because you can’t get wrong with very fast mana hero like him.

Uraeus for me is just average. Not many players have many level 23 mana troops unless they buy troops using gems to get those yellow mana troops and the feeder troops to level them. I certainly don’t have that luxury. Fully embleming him would be the other solution as he can be supported then by a level 11 mana troop for him to fire in 9 tiles.


Shhh, this forum is on anti-Thor crusade since he didn’t beat Odin in the ‘broken yellow in defense’ contest so hate is real, even if not rational.

V. fast heroes are always the life savers offensively when you face bad board, and Thor has proven that for me many times. Just give him 11 level mana troop (or even 5 if you take him to +19) and he can literally charge every turn.

Obviously, Uraeus is great against minion making purples but else falls behind Joon easily, who I am sure pretty much everyone has. He’s great at what he does but he’s niche hero I wouldn’t recommend for people who do not have solid bench of yellows for general use already. Thor can be taken offensively under literally any circumstances and he doesn’t need much to be impactful at every stage of the match.


I have a C.Gormek +20, so go to Thor.
Uraeus only damages heroes who have minions, but C.Gormek gives you a chance to recover from the dying of your entire ally.

I voted for Uraeus in this thread, but it doesn’t mean that I hate Thor. In fact, if I had got him in the last Valhalla, he’d have been my next yellow project.

I’m in level 62 and Joon is the only hero from the S1 that I don’t have. I’ve been dreaming of him for a long time. My “best” yellow heroes are Leonidas without costume and White rabbit.

I voted for Uraeus because personally, I don’t like “random buffs or ailments”. When I see percentages (% of dodging, reducing % accuracy,…), they get on my nerves. I want a 100 %, even if it’s for a single turn or two. :sweat_smile:
Besides, a 280 % of damage is the same one that White rabbit deals, and I sometimes feel that Leonidas, even with 365%, is a bit weak, so Thor wouldn’t be my option if I had to choose, but as I said, it isn’t a matter of hatred. :pray:t4:


Uraeus is unique sniper hero against those that rely on minions. Thor is for fun against being bored of using again and again winner heroes :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

At this point I’m just assuming you are trolling with all these anti-Thor posts. Seems like you created this forum account just to troll around this subject as that’s the only thing your posts are about and I am not sure what your goal is - to annoy people in discussions, to mislead people in advices or to create enough noise thinking based on it SG will buff a hero you pulled while the buff is completely unnecessary. Anyway, you are first user on this forum I ever added to IGNORED list so congratulations on that little achievement.


I’d say Ureaus. Not because Thor is bad, but because of the meta shift towards purple minions.

I lack a true minion killer, so I’d go for Uraeus. However, Thor is definitely worth maxing. Just go for what you need most!


I am sorry if I have not asked you where to post. I have just replied to you as it seems that you are always there as I am there. So? I have the right to share my thoughts and my claims are based on numbers rather than your wordy passages.

That is just the point - you aren’t making any clams based on numbers. You are just diluting the useful information in this and other threads with mocking commentary such as

Maths and actual user experience have both been presented to you and you have selectively ignored every piece of information that does not match your ingrained opinion.

And @Suicide_Bunny 's “wordy” passages are based on her actual experience which she has gone to great depths to analyse and share with the community for the benefit of others, including multiple videos which highlight her points. I, and others, appreciate that far more than your unhelpful commentary.

I have stated my concerns in numbers several times in a different way so that was my conclusion. This person does not respect my comment in a way addressing to my character in a previous post and I don’t remember an apology. Even her that post was signed as not appropriate in the primary discussion about Thor. So, as you pick a side, please take into account all the posts regarding the title.

If one wants to change my mind aboit Thor’s capability, he/her needs to convince me that he is stronger than Justice. The supporters of his recent case pay too much attention his mana speed but he fails to give a significant impact at his first charge and in the every first 13 stones (everyone consider it is as 12 tiles while it doesn’t have to be as it is very hard to enhance two or more troops that boost mana, so I leave this number as “13”), Justice beats Thor. Thia comparison unlocks the lock of this discussion in general pointing at the raids as I believe that raids and the war fights are the most enjoyable and important part of this game.


Kinda surprised too. Especially since there are all two very fast yellow 5*. On the other hand Uraeus is yellow and weaker Skadi, who for me turned tables on Telluria, MN and other minion summoners. So both are good. Would myself probably do Thor first by Uraeus is also good, though not as good as Skadi.


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