Ureus vs norn

I’m torn between Ureus and Norns .

I have both at 3.70. And 15 darts.
I also have justice and Leo at 3,70.
I plan on leveling 1 and keep 6 darts (in bank) for a lucky pull…

I have around 1700 sorcerer emblems …but just got almur and he is going to get 500 of em .

The objectif is a deeper bench, versatility and utility. Not on titan…just raid and wars.

I’m thinking minions are hot lately with bera, freya and such…

But on my mythic titan (yellow) last run yesterday i tried an all yellow team … jackal, neith, vivica, NORNS and ranvir …

And it went surprisingly well…

So im really mixed up…

I need help thinking …

If you think Norns is good against purple mythic titan than Uraeus, consider the fact that it may come back around every 5 months. Compare that to the daily raiding to fill at least one raid chest a day where Uraeus minion bypass sniping and leaving sand DoT against enemy heroes with minions, as well as to class quests and other facets in the game.

But that is just me.

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There’s a few more opinions in this thread

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Please use the thread linked by the intractable @Ruskin505 :slightly_smiling_face:

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