Thor vs Uraeus vs Bai Yeong

Just finished my costume summons for this month, but got no Leonidas and no Obakan. But got Uraeus.
So, from purple I will level Alfrike (after finishing Sabina costume), and question on yellow. Who?

  1. I do not have 23th troops, but 11th and 5th one.
  2. I have Sif and C.Joon maxed, and many 4* (Gullinbursti, Mist, Wu, Wool, LiXiu, Jackal).
  3. I have 2 other jackals waiting.
  4. I do not have anti-minion hero for now.

So, who should I choose?

I had exactly the same dilemma several days ago and went with Thor. Have him at +19 and love him. However, I can’t wait for another set of darts for the Cobraman. Those pesky minions…

One thing I would consider is emblems. If you can heavy emblem one of them, I would go with the one. Even Uraeus at +20 will shave off one tile with 11 mana troop. He will be a beast on defense in the minion war.

My sad Panda will have to dance without the darts for some more time…

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I do not have emblems for any of them. Fighter on C.Magni, Sorcerer on Krampus (my war tank) and ranger on C.Lianna.

For fighter maybe next emblems will go to Thor, but sorcerer one is reserved for Almur (embleming him again) and C.Sabina (just got, she is awesome). Ranger - do not know who will get it next.

It’s really difficult not to love Thor when you have him. He’s most versatile offensively. Just need that troop on him to shave off that 1 tile (which you seem to have).

And if you can start emblemming him, he’s your guy.

Uraeus is basically slower Joon without blind but with some anti-minion instead. Be mindful it is highly situational. Even if you fight Beras or Freyas, high chance is they won’t go off before you take them down so he just stays as raw dmg sniper. I recommend him as good hero to have, but only if you are pretty well covered for general use yellows.

Bai - I don’t have much opinion on him (her?) as I don’t have him, and rarely faced in defenses. By description alone, I would consider it to be the last in the queue.

But I cannot win Bera teams usually in raids.
My usual attack team for purple is Wool+18, C.Joon +20, Krampus+20, C.Magni+19, Lepus+18.

If she cast her moths, I just cannot kill them with my C.Magni+Lepus combo. And Joon after C.Magni also not so deadly. And moths just eat me(

Freya is way more fearless. Is there a way to fight Bera without Uraeus or Skadi (with Frigg+Odin flanks)?

My way to deal with those is highly yellow team (recently 5 mono) to kill Bera with tiles + blind on Frigg/Odin (whoever is closer to charge). Obviously, Thor helps with the blind. Odin isn’t that scary when you approach him with yellow mono as you take his tiles, so Frigg is really the only threat (and no doubt you may have trouble taking her down with blue tiles since she can dodge the specials)

As I wrote in another topic, I think C.Gormek is the best minion counter.
It doesn’t require 4* mats to maximize him, it’s easy to access, and even if the defensive side is covered with 15 minions, it will remove the minions in an instant and the offensive side will recover about 1,200 HP.
I often see posts recommending Uraeus as a minion killer, but Uraeus is far from C.Gormek.


If I have to face a team like these ones (Finley/ Onyx - Frigg - Bera/ Freya - Odin - Cobalt), I go with my mono purple team with Grimble as an anti minion.

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I don’t have Thor, but have the other ones.

From a versatility perspective, Thor, Bai Yeong, and Joon have the same effect (blind). Although Bai Yeong’s is higher and there’s a throw in with reduced healing; however, shorter time span.

Uraeus provides some anti-minion capabilities, and his damage bypasses minions (could be useful in getting rid of weak heroes that have a minion wall). Given that you don’t have an anti-minion hero, he may be useful. Particularly with the number of Bera and Freya tanks. As it is, my only effective hero is c-Gormek, but I’ld consider slotting in Uraeus in the mix to counter purple minion tanks.

I have the same problem… but complicated by Onatel and Neith!

Frigg is not a threat if Krampus is running (he usually is). But mainly a threat is Bera minions + slash attacks, if I do not have tiles.

Both Thor and Uraeus can help you fight Bera. Thor will be the first to fire, so he can finish off wounded Bera, before she spawns their colleagues. Uraeus will be better after Bera fired.

Yup, this is the crux of the issue. Without any summoner in the defending team, the cobra will only bite, no sand will be applied.

In my opinion, Thor will be more versatile throughout the game. We have no idea, how long the minion meta will be present. I have a gut feeling, that with the launch of S4 (not many summoners announced) the amount of minions in defs will diminish. Blind will always come in handy.

However, bear in mind, that many people on the forum are not pleased with his Hammer.

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