There can only be one! Who to ascend?

I have a Joon with costume and Thor, and exactly 6 poison darts so only one is getting ascended for the foreseeable future.

Who should I ascend first?!

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Do you have emblems for either? Is either partially leveled up already?

I would go Thor over regular Joon, but I’d probably go C-Joon over Thor.

I would definitely reconsider if one were to get emblems. I would also reconsider depending on if one is partially leveled and how you currently use that one. Said a different way, speed to market matters.

FYI, I do not have Thor, and only have regular Joon. From what I’ve seen around here, and what alliance-mates have said, Thor struggles quite a bit. I’d probably go Joon-C over Thor.

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The thread below generally shows Uraeus seems to be preferred over Thor so I have to imagine Joon is more preferred over Thor.

You can give your defense a booster shot, and put C. Joon in it. Not so much with Thor.

But… C. Joon isn’t exactly exciting to play on offense. Point and pull the trigger. The costume gives Joon a speed bonus. And that will narrows the comparison.

I prefer offensive decision making. Since we don’t get to watch our defense here at E&P. And would probably choose Thor over Joon.

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In a thread I created in August last year, I asked the community if it would be cool maxing a 2nd Gazelle and a 2nd Joon and his costume. Everybody said YES. So I proceeded to max my 2nd Gazelle but was never able to spend darts on 2nd Joon & costume, although I left both versions of the 2nd Joon at 3/70, ready to ascend if I want to. Somehow, even with 22 available darts currently in my inventory, I still haven’t pulled the trigger fully ascending 2nd Joon. Reason? I like my AOE heroes (Drake, Onatel and Rana) even more than my snipers (Poseidon and costumed Joon) as the former reduce more total HP from the enemies than the latter. I relegated my snipers on my 2nd monoyellow team in wars while my primary monoyellow team is mostly composed of those AOE heroes, even in raids and tourneys.

Having said that, if the OP’s question is what I have to resolve with the current roster I have, I would opt for Thor by reason that he is very fast.

But it really depends on your playstyle and availability of heroes maxed. Don’t get me wrong Joon and costume is a very good hero. Unfortunately, I just am not really a fan of snipers. I prefer hit-3 heroes


Obviously both are good and both deserve the mats to fully ascend them.
But it depends on what your needs are. And what emblems you have available.
At face value (only) in my honest opinion, I would focus on Costume Joon first - he is really good in defence and he stacks really well with other Holy in offence.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Joon or cJoon is fine.

Joon is a must have in any yellow lineup.
I would put him as a core hero.

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Joon will be a good choice

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I would pick costume Joon , hes a beast and you will see in lots of top defenses as wing. I dont have c.Joon and my Joon is +19. He was a staple in the wing until Odin landed in my account. Now i use Joon only for ofense, even that, he can one shot enemies or close to it at fast speed.

Plus C.Joon turns into a fighter so you will have that excelent class on him too. For me , in this particular scenario, C.Joon is a clear winner.

Good luck!

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