Uraeus or Norns?

I have Norns wainting at 3-70 since two months now ( I’ve put the focus on Freya). Yesterday, I pulled Ureaus who seems not bad but not a game changer either. I already own an interestig holy roster (…I think…) (C-vivica, Dalila, C-joon, Bai Yeong, Jackall, Mist…). The next ones to level will mainly add some gravy, mainly used for war and special event. If it ends up to be more usefull than that, it will be great but I don’t think those two heroes are this “great”, So wich one should I level up first? I have the mat’s ready. If it help to make the decision, I’m completly F2P.

I’m liking Uraeus better, because with Norns, you have to bring a specific offense along to make her Special useful.

Another vote for Uraeus.

I have Norns since she came out and gave her the darts!! I wish, I will get one or two more, but Uraeus is also a good hero, but Uraeus 's special is fixed on minions! The damage of both is very high and the special of Norns give you more possibilities in offense!

I am using Norns to counter Odin. For me she is a must have hero. Starve Odin and the make him weak against yellow…I have a respectable win rate against Frigg, BK and Odin running a Yellow/Blue stack largely due to Norns!!

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Uraeus for more utility.

Usable in more situations.


How? Norns is super useful in maps, farming, events and raiding.

Uraeus need to face minions to be good, otherwise he is just an average sniper. He is probably the best counter to bera/frets tanks there is. I see him as a raid/war attack specialist.

Both can be but I find Uraeus has the ability to summon minions for all yellow. That works very well with a yellow build.

Ability to destroy minions which is the new meta. Good for titans since we all stack against the titans anyway.

Minor heal if minions destroyed.

I look at playing in hard mode and heroes with minions tend to be great at that. A hard hitting snipe that goes well with Jackal or cLeo.

My playing style principle:
Raids - hit hard hit fast (no drawn out BS)
Maps - S3 is a pain to play
Events - I’m not looking to go high in ranks just enough to finish all of it would suffice

So other than raids, survivability comes first

In my roster of yellows, as a mono user, I see more use of Uraeus than Norns, who may excel in 3-2 or 2-2-1 offense setup.

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With the sand damage aspect of S4, Uraeus is going to be really useful, even beyond his power in the minion meta.

I have both and I will be leveling Uraeus as my next yellow, and I might eventually someday do Norns

Who told you that Ureus is not good? I inform you that he is awesome and you have such a hero in your roster!For me he is very good and besides he has statistically a soldier.

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