Which S3 hero are you most excited about and why? (Poll)

With Season 3 coming out I’ve been trying to figure out which heroes I’m most looking forward to. So I thought I’d see what others thought and why. I know the stats aren’t set and many of these might change a bit, but the new heroes have some interesting skills that I think could change the game dynamics a good bit and wanted to get a glimpse of who’s anticipated and a quick mention of why. :slight_smile:
So vote on your most anticipated 3*, 4*, and 5* and then then leave a response as to why you are excited about that particular hero in the comments below.

3 Poll*

  • Bjorn
  • Kvasir
  • By-Ulf
  • Nordri
  • Ei-Dunn

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4 poll*

  • Stonecleave
  • Sumle
  • Mist
  • Brynhild
  • Mireweave

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5 poll*

  • Heimdall
  • Tyr
  • Ratatoskr
  • Sif
  • Freya
  • Fenrir

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Sif - Good looks :heart_eyes: And finally a yellow riposter!

Brynhild - I like her combined healing effect.

Nordri - A 3* elemental debuffer. He will be my favorite 3* hero!


Went strictly by looks and name. To soon to really get excited about season 3

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3* - Nordri - I think having a 3* version of Frida will be awesome. Especially for raids and challenge events.
4* - Mireweave - the amount of damage done seems like it could be impressive. Sumle is another one I liked, but the slow speed throws me off.
5* - Heimdall and Freya were super close. But I like Heimdall giving that extra health buff. Though I think with the game emphasizing more minion heroes, Freya’s ravens could be a game changer.

I don’t have alby or MN, so hopefully i got lucky enough to get heimdall as revival

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I’m in the same boat and hoping for the same result too lol.

Personally 4* Fura is the one that interests me the most as her combined max health reduction and -healing will be an annoying combination and she’ll be accessible enough for people to get that she’ll definitely shake up the meta for 4* tournaments if not the wider game a bit…

However she’s been held back from the first batch with no indication of when she would come, if the other 4* being held back are anything like her I wouldn’t be rushing to spend Valhalla coins yet…


All I’m going to say is “a 4* yellow healer, a 4* yellow healer. My Kingston for a 4* yellow healer!”

(Not that I’d actually do that given the option. I just thought it funny that my autocorrect went with “Kingston” instead of “kingdom” and just rolled with it.)


yeah i like her too. bummed she isn’t in the first round

You have no idea how many times I posted during all the Season 3 Betas asking for a yellow 4* hero… Totally sure I annoyed the Hel out of most of the other testers with it if not came close to being totally muted from the channel…


Im gonna get in trouble,…but none

Ive looked through the beta list and I don’t see anything I cant live without. I don’t even see anything that would make my current bench that much better.

The 3-4 stars don’t matter except for tournaments. None of them are going to fill in my existing war teams. The 5s will just be pretty pictures I scroll pass while feeding heroes I have the mats for.

What I am excited about are all the things SG announced before S3. The stuff we are still waiting on and mostly still in the dark about.


I’m wondering how many of the new heroes will be game changers. Some look like they could potentially be, but until they come out and we see how they are used it’ll be hard to tell. But I get where you are coming from @Hcmitchellr. If they turn out to be more of the same ole same ole, they wouldn’t really add anything to my roster either.

@zephyr1 @JonahTheBard or @Guvnor any thoughts on which you are looking forward to? You three seem to have a good idea of the new heroes.

I think my answers from here would still be the same:

My current plan is to use Valhalla Coins on March 1 to try for Nordri, and the very outlandish chance of Telluria.

I’m torn on whether I’ll bother Summoning with gems at all this month, though.

I’ve been saving gems for months for Season 3, but I’m not very enthused with the drip release process.

It makes me want to just wait a while until more heroes are added to the pool.

So at the moment, Nordri is really the only Season 3 hero I actually care about getting.


Regardless of who else comes out, Nordri will certainly end up as a top three star. I also voted for Mist, as I’m desperate for 4 star holy heroes of quality - I cry whenever we fight purple tank wars. And I chose Ratatoskr for a new game mechanic that I find interesting (plus I have Mother North, so…w/e Heimdall).

I might do a small number of summons for funsies, but I think I’ll mostly try to exercise restraint. Look at the featured Atlantis heroes history: groups of three were released and featured for three months:

  • Group 1: Tarlak, Misandra, and Mok-Arr
  • Group 2: Inari, Mitsuko, and Kageburado
  • Group 3: Atomos, Ariel, and Poseidon

Then Ursena was released. Let me break that down differently:

  • First half: Tarlak, Misandra, Mok-Arr, Inari, and Mitsuko
  • Second half: Kageburado, Ariel, Poseidon, Ursena, and the might Atomos

I think I’ve made my point.

The heroes I’m likely GOING to be most excited about have not yet been released and maybe haven’t even been seen in beta.



The 2nd 5* red sniper in the game

Card speaks for itself, he’ll be pretty fun to use


I’m not sure if I’d classify him as a sniper. Does less damage than Marj. I think his damage output is comparable if not lesser than Perseus


Hero that I think looks the coolest:
Norns :slight_smile: she/they look sick!

Hero I think will be most useful / realistic for me to get & level: Mist followed by Brynhild (inverse of Zeph). Fura is definitely a fave too but not available yet.

Hero that is most likely to be gotten & levelled immediately:
Nodri (3* elemental debuffers…) Or Ei-Dunn (harder hitting version of Chochin).

Hero I WISH I could get and level: Sif or Norns… Would also love Alfrike :smiley:

Similar to Zeph, I’ll use whatever gift coins I get & whatever I earn at the start to try for nodri. After that, I won’t be summoning anything from the S3 portal (gem or coins) until the hero pool is fully populated.


Wow…you just had to go there…well there goes my excitement for the 1 hero i wanted…


Ooh is Rigs about to ragequit now? :rofl:

As for OP I can’t really get too excited about a bunch of heroes I’ll likely not have. I’m still missing a good 3/4 of S2.

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