Which 3*/4* Season 3 Heroes do you keep a duplicate?

I recently mass summoned from the Valhalla portal and got a lot of duplicate 3*/4*. This was my first time spending money on the game so my f2p mindset is still here; I’m a bit reluctant to feed away these season 3 heroes, but I’m already over my roster capacity (108/87).

Which 3*/4* are worth keeping duplicates? I have multiple duplicates of every 3* and 4* single season 3 hero.

I’m considering keeping 3 Bjorn, 3 Nordri and 1 of each of the other 3* (By-Ulf, Kvasir, Ei-Dunn).
Also got 3 Mireweave, 4 Brynhild, 2 stonecleave.

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Me personally maxed both bjorn and brynhild, glad I did. Would do Mist too but I only have 1. I would legit do another bjorn.

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I think @LadyAchilles has some experience with these S3 heroes. I haven’t maxed any of the 3s besides Nordi and Kvasir… but didn’t keep dupes. Maxing a stonecleave, mireweave, and brynhild… no dupes. :woman_shrugging:

Figured I’d get an opportunity each month if I wanted to try for another one.

Also, buy roster space while you decide. As you grow, you’ll need space for feeders and heroes alike. :slight_smile:

PS: Have Mist +18. Love her. Also Bjorn maxed.

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Is buying roster space an option?



I’d probably keep 2 or even 3 Bjorn for 3* events and raid tournaments (I’ve kept two for now but will keep a third after I get around to maxing the second) - he’s superb in raid tournaments.

Nordri is great, but I’m not sure I’d keep more than 2.

One each of the others sounds about right to me.



Mireweave flatters to deceive a little bit… She’s not bad, but she’s not blown me away quite as I expected - sits in line (is: usually unused) behind Triton and the S1’s for the most part in war options.
Worth doing, but one is probably enough - maybe keep two and decide after the first one whether you want to max the other or not then.

Brynhild is excellent, but again two should be plenty - you’ll have/want Melendor from S1 maxed already, and there’s only so many healers of each colour you’ll want for wars even before you get to shift into 5* dominated teams.

Stonecleave just doesn’t interest me… I kept one incase I read of any use cases I’d missed that would make him interesting for me, but I just don’t dig him enough to level him at this point.
Depends what you have in purple already, but I doubt I’d ever keep more than one of him.


I already bought +25 roster spaces today. The price increased to 100 gems for additional space and I don’t feel like spending more gems. I legit was a fully f2p player yesterday and now I’ve spent $250+ on Valhalla summons. I kept 1 By-Ulf, 1 Kvasir, 1 Ei-dunn, 3 bjorn, 3 nordri. Fed the rest of the copies to these ones I kept. Keeping all of my S3 4* dupes. Currently sitting at 96/97 roster capacity and feeding one by one lol.

Btw, I ended up getting six 5* heroes in 111 pulls: Elena, Freya, Heimdall, 2x Ratatoskr and Malosi. Didn’t get Tyr who kinda really is the only hero I was chasing from S3. Was also kind of chasing Malosi. Not sure how I did but at least its better than 1.3% odds of 5*


I kept a dupe Nordri and a dupe Mist. The dupe 5s I kept because their 5*


Tavern Of Legends has me completely rethinking how many dupes to keep. All of a sudden a pile of Bjorn, Nordri & Kvasir doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. Maybe 2 or three Ei-Dunn & By-Ulf too.

My roster space says no, but my head says “maybe?”.


make a spreadsheet and input all your heroes (plus any stats you want) and count up how many teams you can create and the total team power for each team. Ideally, you have a healer for every team.

If you’re well over 15 teams like me, then the tavern might be secondary to collecting heroes for raid tournaments. (unique buffers for buff boosters, heavy hitting slot for rush, etc.)

I can squeeze out 10 teams, but not top-heavy enough to expect to complete this event yet (stocking battle items now). Roster space is my biggest limiting factor, right now the plan is to use the Tavern to make pruning decisions and maximize the efficiency of bunk space. (roster expansions are already at 200 per, so kind of at the limit of my comfort zone there for the time being).

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Use heroplan.io to help plan your teams. Also, I think building teams for Taverns will be different than building normal teams or war teams. For earlier stages, you don’t need 5 leveled heroes to beat them. You probably can get away with 1 leveled hero plus 4 unleved/lowlevel heroes and supplement with a few battle items (not full carpet bomb). Save mana control heroes (miki, proteus, hansel, hel, gretel, etc) for higher levels and use one per team. I think slow speed high damageAOE heroes like Azlar and Guardian owl will be particularly useful. You can probably clear some levels with just 1 guardian owl plus 4 unleved 1* heroes. Bring mana potion and just blast every wave with Owl’s special.

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Bjorn, Nordri, Kvasir, Brynhild and if you get any duplicates of Mist.


@B1gHeadAss sounds like a game in a game, see how far you can progress on tavern with only 1 actual hero per level.

I made it through level 6 using all 1/1 5* that was fun!


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