Thoughts on Season 3 heroes and Favorite S3 heroes

Please share your opinions, thanks .

Only one I’ve done much with is Kvasir. Minions acted as substitutes for healing in the last war.


tyr which i want, skadi which i really want, heimdall because hes my only reviver

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Bjorn is just insanely good as an option against yellows, an amazing hero to stack.

Currently I’m enjoying playing with Freya and Fenrir. Fenrir cleans up war defenses with essentially very fast mana, and having a team already weakened means he’s that much quicker.

Freya is nice because he minions are essentially a heal and her defense up is nice. The minions begin doing absurd damage after her second cast. I think she is the underdog in S3 right now, but if you don’t give her two thoughts she can come back with a nasty bite.

Seeing heroes get hit for over 200-300 damage by minions just reminds me of a DoT that can’t be cleansed.

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Only worked with three so far and that’s Bjorn and Kvasir for 3*.
Both really good in tournament.
And the yellow 4* (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) that I have just got to max. Happy with her so far too

Edit : MIST

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The yellow 4* would be Mist


I honestly love all the S3 heroes I’ve leveled/used so far:
5 Stars:
Tyr (at 4-20) I hadn’t maxed Marjana so Tyr fills my “sniper” slot but I’m interested to see how he is. He is 1-0 in one war attack I’ve used.

4 Stars:
Mist - Is part of my holy stacks is awesome to stop enemies from buffs as well as making them weaker to special skills i.e. Drake

Brynhild - Has effectively replaced my Melendor as my green healer of choice in some war configurations because of the additional protections and help she provides the allies I align with her. Titan team runs Mel - Tarlak - Buddy - Brynhild - Kingston and I’ve had some of my highest consecutive hits because the team stays alive longer.

Mireweave - Haven’t tested extensively but the 10 stack has me excited + very fast all target attack is nice.

3 Stars:
Nordri - I don’t have an ice elemental debuffer so he fits that bill.

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I rec’d all 5 3* s and am wondering if all 5 are worth maxing? I know Bjorn is and Kvasir, but what about By-Ulf, Ei-Dun and Nordri? I’d like to use them as a team if possible. :thinking: Any thoughts?

3* is cheap. Maxed them all

In my honest opinion, yes max all the new 3*. They will be great for events and tournaments etc.
Good luck

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