S1 custome or s3

What you guys think about it. Worth spending your gems on trying to get a s1 5s with a costume or hold onto gems for a potential s3 hero? Gotta admit, magni costumed up looks so badass. I don’t have magni try either with and with his class change, he would be very essential in my lineup.

You guys think it’s worth 3k gems for a 10 pull or would you hold out?

Tough call. How would you say your luck is on summons?

Really liking some of the new costumes…but I can’t make myself pull the trigger trying to get season 1 heroes

Think I’ve gotten more 5s heros from my tc20 then pulls lol

I know right. Only one I’m interested in is magni

I actually like the S1 costumes better…call me crazy, but I’ve got to give SG credit where credit is due. They did an awesome job with costumes and making S1 heroes relevant again. Domitia with a level 5 mana troop is now a damn good sniper with cleanse (or dispel if you keep original) and is essentially fast mana speed! Almost there equal with Seshat IMO. Kadilen is a better Inari now. Sartana does 532% damage now? Yikes. Azlar even looks pretty darn good. Lots and lots of great stuff in this portal.

I commend SG for a job well done!

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I can see like you get 9 3*s and Boril’s costume with 10 pulls :x The chances are so low…

Will admit I got tel and malosi from single costume pulls. Might try my luck and smash Clarissa

Woah, great luck then! Last HoTM I got was Nerf, sorry, Neith and I didn’t have any hero tokens since a month xD This time 5 costume pulls and got Boril (my second 4* in general) + some 3*s.

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