Is it too crazy to give the rings to Elena?

I have good damage dealers in all the elements but red. Lets see what i have in red, all maxed:


Jean Francois

Gormek ©
Boldtusk ©
Boldtusk ©

To compensate the lack of punch i always use the core of Garnet, BT and Jean francois plus Gormek and Scarlett. Both epics are full emblemed.

What i have to be maxed?

Elena, Marjana and Mitsuko.

Regarding Marjana i have the rogue emblems on Francine , Scarlett and SIF.

Regarding Mitsuko i have conflicts with Ursena(my tank), Krampus and Uraeus.

Elena is ready to receive all those fighters emblems because i havent pull another 5* fighter to fight for them.

Why not insta max Mitsuko?

Because ice is not meta. You can find some ice heroes like finley to reflect its special but its not that important to me. Cobalt can bypass anyways. The mana cut is nice but mitsuko wont give me the punch i need.

Marjana could be a solid pick but im used to snipers in other colours and sometimes i simply prioritize AOE heroes.

Thanks in advance.


Marj is super reliable and her costume is legit. Not a huge hitter but solid. Elena is best in costume and has high attack but is squishy. If you wanted tile damage on titans, go Elena. Anything else I think Marj wins.

Riposte vs Burn is a toss-up. They can both be cleansed or dispelled.

Elena May be the play for you because of emblems, but a reviving Elena has been less of an issue for me than an evading Marj.

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I think if i go with Marj the play is to strip Scarlett . If i strip Scarlett from her emblems the problem is that i loose an important piece of my titan team(she provides really high tile damage) is reliable Marj without emblems?

My titan team

JF-Scarlett-Gormek-Falcon-Wu Kong

The key pieces are the def and elemental def down anyways more than scarlett. JF with his critical boost is a staple too

Scarlett is a glass cannon and Marj is a beefy lite-sniper. You could go Elena and then once you have her tile damage where you want it, you could go Marj and demote Scarlett. Just on D alone either 5* option will be more durable.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Marjana first - 100% especially if you have her costume.
But Elena for Titan if that’s what you need
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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