Which red to take to the top?

Who gets the rings? This might be helpful to others who have some of these same heroes as well. I was holding out hoping to get Gefjon, but it didn’t happen. I did get fortunate enough to score Vanda off of a single pull. Garnet might not get the love she deserves because of her rarity, but she’s an amazing fast red healer. Tyr is currently my only red maxed 5*. The rest are more familiar heroes. For what it’s worth I’ll also post a picture of my main defense team. Which are currently my strongest heroes. Thanks in advance!

You got great red heroes.

I would finish Garnet first. I think she’s the best healer in the game.

After that, probably Lady Loki to boost your offensive output with red heroes + to get a cleanser. Never bad to have lots of those for wars.


Garnet Vanda and Grazul each do the same thing at VF speed in terms of the ailment block. Vanda has the AoE damage plus the health steal. Grazul heals. Garnet does the Health boost thing. I like Garnet due to the flexibility of the ninjas. Use on offense and set them off when you need to. I play with her all the time and rarely use anything other than the 3 charge with her. Fantastic hero. She get’s my vote.

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Great red heroes congrats. I would also level Garnet and then Lady Loki.

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You can bench Azlar and Anzogh like long long time… (Maybe forever XD)

Garnet for sure the first and maybe Lady Loki for cleanse.
Vanda and Grazul can go next but probably if you found a better sniper (Marjana Costume) I probably suggest that after Garnet and Lady Loki.

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In my honest opinion, I would go with Garnet first and then Lady Loki.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’d go garnet, as she does what Vanda and Grazul do in 5 tiles vs. 6 if mana troops are lvl 11, and you can choice to use special which the others don’t have meaning you dont ever really waste tiles for waiting a turn.

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Garnet for sure. I’m thinking everyone is going to realize how OP she is soon.

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It’s for that reason I even asked. I’m concerned she will be nerfed. She’s definitely a dream healer.

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