Vanda, Mitsuko or Lady Loki. Who gets my first rings?

Greedings to all! As the title suggests, finally I obtained the sixth ring, so I can ascend one of the heroes above-mentioned. It will my first 5* red, but I can’t decide which one (they all heve their uses).
My other maxed 5* are, Clarissa and Magni (technically at 4.68). As of greens the only one I have is Elkanen, so I am starting to work on him, despite the fact that he isn’t so good. Finally concerning yellows, Norns and Leonidas stayed at 3.70 (I hope to get someone else).

I plan to ascend all the reds I mentioned, but with the rate I’m getting the rings (my first set since the begining-6,5 months), it will take a looooong time.

So if you have any suggestions, I am more than happy to take them into consideration.

Thanks, in advance for your answers!

All of these heroes are far from must have ascend 1st.

But they are really good heroes when used technically.

What is your other fully ascended 4* fire heroes?

They can’t stand alone if other fire heroes are absent.

Colen, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormek and just started Scarlett.

My other 5* reds are Azlar, Grazul (both at 2.60) and Noor, Khahan(at 1.1)

depends on what you’re going to use them for. as it is you first, i think vanda or mitsuko as they both fit in defense and offense teams. if you don’t care that much about keeping your cups, lady loki is the best choice. she has a place in every offensive team.
it’s a great set of heroes to choose from! count on 2 to 4 per year you can max out depending on how much you spend. good luck! have fun

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IMO, I would ascend Mitsuko or Lady Loki 1st (depend on you like better), and bring 3.70 for Grazul and Vanda (both at very fast are great and usable). Mitsuko can counter blue hitter is invaluable and Lady Loki is fun to flip status ailments.


I vote for Mitsuko!

She is a powerful hero both on offense and defense!

And she has a unique ability found nowhere else in the game! I would ascending her only for this… And do not forget the fun-factor! She is a great fun toy to use agsinst blue flanks or wings or hard blue bosses…

I am biased yes becouse she was my first 5 star red to ascend but I did not -or likely never will- regret tjis decision!


Mitsuko was my first 5-star red. No regrets. The mana slow helps, but she’s just fun to play.

Vela, Finley, Isarnia? No problem.

Practice using all three reds. See which one suits your play style. Have fun!


I prioritize heroes who are useful on both offense and defense, and of the three you have, Mitsuko is the only one that fits the bill. Lady Loki is a powerhouse on offense especially in this DoT heavy meta, but she’s a bit lacking on defense since her special needs good timing, which the AI is just terrible at.

Mitsuko however is a very straightforward point and shoot hero, whose blue reflect ability is unique and useful everywhere. So based on utility value alone, Mits gets my vote, although Lady Loki comes in at a very close second.

Another thing to consider is there are relatively few good 5* sorcerers, so if you have lots of emblems banked, you can make Mitsuko even better. Whereas competition for fighter emblems is fierce due to the abundance of good 5* fighters.


I have all three maxed and have used for a couple of wars.

In current meta, Mits has the most impact.

Vanda has a lot of similarities with Grazul, both being vf, they are more useable at 3/70, especially Vanda with the heal steal so for rings efficiency, the only other consideration is LL.

LL is difficult for me to use as her ss doesn’t go well with many of the other red 5*. On top of that, it’s a fine line between receive ailments, then timing LL, some of your heroes may not survive.

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Lady Loki maxed and Grazul at 3.70 will work together very well. Grazul is sturdy enough at 3.70 to be usable in most circumstances. Get Grazul to 6 tiles with a level 11 mana and she can block the first round of DOTs, assuming you don’t have a great starting board. Lady Loki will be ready for the second round and if she can throw back Vela + GM/JF then it is almost game over. Fun, strategic and effective.

Thanks for all your advice! I decided to level up Mitsuko. When I finish her, I will bring Vanda to 3.70 (need 2 more blades, but until I finish mitsuko, I think I will get them). I don’t think I will have by then another set of rings, but you’ ll never know! One can hope! In my alt account I got 5 tabards in less than 10 days!

Like few people mentioned prior of me, i believe based on your selection of heroes in your roster.
I would consider Mitsuko.
The other are still worth it.
But Mitsuko can contribute a lot & fight Ice / Nature heroes.
Cutting mana is also important.
I personally have no regrets taking mine to the top & fully emblemed.
I am positive that you will not regret that choice!!

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