Too many 5* reds, only one set of rings

Greedings to all! Finally I obtained my 6th ring and I am ready to ascend my second 5* red, after Mitsuko. The problem is that I have a lot (?) of 5* reds, waaay more than any other colour and I am a little confused which one to ascend.
My 5* reds are:
Lady Loki (3.70)
Vanda (3.70)
Grazul (2.60)
Khagan (1.1)
Marjana (1.1 - my recent pull from TC20)
Noor (1.1)

My other leveled 5* heros are:
Green: Elkanen (my only green)
Holy: Leonidas and Norns (both at 3.70 - I can’t get the nerve to ascend them),
Blue: Magni, Glenda
Purple: Clarissa, Freya

I was leaning towards Lady Loki or Vanda but Marjana came and I Iack any red snipers, so I am considering her too.

It would be great to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance!

I’d say Lady Loki. No contest.

I would rather go to Vanda. She deals damage to all a bit harder than Vela, offers protection to all like Grazul and heals herself by stealing a huge chunk of the enemy’s healing. Most of all, she is a very fast hero. Once you are used to VF heroes, you will think that average heroes are slow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wait for the costume chamber, if you are lucky to pull her custome, go with Marjana.

If not, I would prefer Lady Loki or Vanda.

Those were my thoughts too. I don’t have mana troops at level 23 and more likely it would be a long time to reach that point, as I don’t plan to use the troops’ summoning gate for “feeders”. My single red mana troop is at level 11, so I can make Vanda charge with 6 tiles and maybe (?) make her more usefull overall. My other problem, as already mentioned, is the lack of red snipers.

Lady Loki (3.70) - while she may be tempting, she is very situational hero, one I would recommend if you have a deep roster already with the basis covered. If this is your second red to be ascended, don’t go for Loki. She’s a neat way to deal with ailments, but you need healers, snipers etc. first.

Vanda (3.70) - frankly I slightly prefer her to Grazul, although bear in mind that stealing the heal is not the same as healing. If you are fighting teams with a lot of healers, she’s the way to go. The status shield ailment at v. fast speed is so much better than throwing statuses back to enemies at average, and the damage is OK. The only issue with her is she competes for emblems with Mitsuko who is your only other red, which is the sole reason I’d advise you to skip her for some time… unless you are fine splitting the emblems

Grazul (2.60) - I’d go for her - 5 star healer, blocking the ailments which is crucial nowadays. Healing granted by her is so-so but still can be run as the sole healer in the squad thanks to the poison/burn protection which greatly reduces incoming damage.

Khagan (1.1) - who?

Marjana (1.1 - my recent pull from TC20) - my next recommendation would be Marjana; especially that you say you lack snipers. Actually, if you have something like maxed Boldtusk in costume and with emblems and not find yourself that afraid of status ailments, you could go directly for Marjana. She’s practically the only red sniper as Gefjon is so hard to get, and while her attack stat is low at base, she’s using rogue emblems which are easy to give her. Someone mentioned costume chamber - Marjana costume makes her a non-sniper (she hits 3 for lower dmg), and while it provides amazing red def down - you would need another red sniper to take advantage of it (like… second Marjana). So at your level I wouldn’t worry about her costume that much - trying to get Falcon from Guardians event should be enough and much cheaper, and keep Marjana as a sniper to finish after his debuff (although of course IF she appears on costume chamber, the 5% stat bonus from costume is a nice perk)

Noor (1.1) - xD


Thanks for your detailed reply! My maxed 4* reds are Boldtusk + costume (+11 emblems), Wirlbur (+8), Guardian Falcon, Colen and Gormek. Kelile and Scarlett (both 1.1 - they came somewhat late).

So, if I understood correctly, and in accordance with the roster above, Marjana first, Grazul or Vanda (depending the emblems) second.

Sorry if my english is not perfect, it is not my native language!

Well, you have all the bases all covered for a very good monored team already: Boldtusk, Wilbur and Falcon. You don’t need a sniper. What you need right now is an AOE damage dealer, preferably Kong or Azlar, to reap the benefits of those 3 red epics that you have. A sniper can only deal huge damage against a single target. Even if you have BT, Wilbur and Falcon skills effects on, the single sniping damage may be huge, but it is divided to all of the remaining enemies on the opposite side. A massive AOE damage dealer may not damage a single target as great as a sniper, but remember that the total damage dealt on all enemies are far far far far far far greater than that of the sniper. Vanda may not deal as much damage as Kong and Azlar, but she is very fast. Very fast heroes are almost always very relevant on the game.

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That’s how I would do it. Marjana will provide the firepower Falcon asks for. Boldtusk as a healer will carry you on for a while - with emblems and costume his def/hp stats are not much short of a legendary hero. I think that will be the best choice.

Well, but he doesn’t have Kong or Azlar. How about take Gormek instead of Wilbur and take advantage of that -def x2 and a sniper to take down the most threatening target and allow to ghost the tiles to take off the wings before they fire, rather than fire Wilbur first and keep most of the enemies alive tickling them with Vanda - hoping for amazing board to keep her charged before they kill you with their specials (Boldtusk - Wilbur - Vanda - Falcon is basically a team with no damage at all).

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My Idea Lady loky…

@Suicide_Bunny Khagan is now a beast in events. If you want to make top 1k Legendary, he’s your man.

However in the OP’s roster that’s not going to help.

Vanda or Grazul. Tough call.

Grazul for the ailment block…it can and often is a match winner for me

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My reply is for both @Ultra and Suicide_Bunny. My mistake !!! I do have Azlar but he sits at 2.60 (in fact he was my fist 5*). I didn’t leveled him because I already had Colen maxed and he was somewhat the same (5* variant of course). Colen is the first to die and the last to fire. So I had exluded Azlar for that reason (mayby I was wrong?)

It’s because of Wilbur that I didn’t bother ascending my 3/60 Gormek, who may be bulkier and deals damage but that damage is too little. Besides, Gormek’s defense down is only at - 34% while Wilbur is at - 44% to all enemies on top of buffing allies defenses to +63%. Wilbur is key for the survival of the entire team. Once he casts his skills, he can make your team survive a lot longer. BT is there to provide healing supplementing the fisherman’s role of getting the entire team last longer.

Vanda has ailment block also. :blush:

Wow. Your roster is getting better and better for a monouser. Lol.

Ive done the math. On paper, Marjana has base attack of 669 with specials dealing 458% damage. That would be 3,064 damage against a single target. With Wilbur (excluding in the calculation of the attack buff of BT and the elemental defense down of Falcon), that 3,064 damage is divided to 5 (assuming none of the enemy heroes died yet). That would be 612 damage received by each of the enemy heroes. But with Vanda with a base attack stat of 774 and dealing 125% damage to all enemies, that would be 967 damage dealt to each of the defending enemies. That is almost a 200 HP difference for each enemy hero.

My final verdict: set up your monored attacking team with Boldie, Wilbur, Falcon, Vanda and Colen. Colen is good enough substitute to Azlar, especially since you save up rings and much easier and cheaper to emblem. I think the battle with them is quick, like most of my battle using those 3 epic heroes with unemblemed Azlar and Mitsuko. Once set up, your next mission is for your epic heroes to fire in 9 tiles instead of 10 by leveling mana troops and/or opting for mana bonus nodes on their talents.

Good luck.

EDIT: I didn’t emblem my Azlar because I prioritized my Kageburado+19, Gravemaker+19, and Nordri+19, all opting for the sword nodes. I still have 535 barbarian emblems most of them reserved for my Ametrine once I get her to max so that my Sapphire+19 will have a good time enjoying the family bonus during raid defense tourneys, the same way Cobalt and Onyx do when set on defense at wings. Besides, Wilbur is there to protect the Leor and everyone else and Boldtusk to provide some needed healing.


I still think it is much better to be able to take down the most threatening hero completely over dealing bigger overall damage to all but have all of them standing and ready to fire back. That’s a big disadvantage of building the team around Wilbur. Also, him and Boldtusk being average while Vanda is may mean some issues with timing. Have a less than a decent board and you basically lose.

Anyways, the whole vote against Vanda was because of her taking the same emblems as Mitsuko - meaning there’ll be a while until both can be brought to their full potential.

Besides, the only other sniper he has is Magni.

If you max your second legendary red you should have other goals than 1k in legendary events. :wink:

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I did say that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was just the “Who?” That offended me. He’s got a place in the game. Which is nice to see.

I totally agree. At least for the legendary level my goal, for the time being, is completion

All (or almost all) heroes have their uses. The problem for me and I think for a lot of players, is the optimal order to level our roster due to the lack of 4* ascention mats, more than the lack of heroes. I play for 9,5 months every day, doing all the quests, events etc, reaching A level at 9*-10* titans and until now I obtained two set of rings. So Khagan, although he has his uses, cannot be a priority.

Of course and I did say as much. I just don’t want you to think he’s rubbish. He’s not. He just won’t help you now.

My suggestion was Grazul. But Vanda would be good too. One heals, one hurts. Both block.

So whichever feels right for you.

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I may tend to agree on that on other colors, but not on red and especially more so if the player has Wilbur. With Wilbur around, there are only a few threatening heroes lying around, i.e. Kageburado due to his dispel first then damage and Cobalt due to him bypassing enemy defensive buffs.

LOL. I wouldn’t call that a BIG disadvantage. LOL. On the contrary, it’s actually a HUMUNGOUS advantage. He is usable in raids and wars, green titans, events, challenges, maps, quests, and almost any other facets of the game. You can’t blame a lot of players building a team of heroes around this fisherman. No other hero can do what he does. Aegir and Mica are just half-baked heroes that doesn’t do anything against the enemies.

I actually see it very very nice. Since Vanda is VF, she can already take first dibs in reducing the enemy heroes’ health and at the same time protect the entire team from status ailments. Then BT, Wilbur and Falcon fire their skills to be followed later on by Colen and Vanda. You don’t need to wait for Vanda to fire only when the other heroes have their manas fully charged. Let her spam her skills. That’s what VF heroes are expected to do.

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Of course, my argument is not about Wilbur being a bad hero, this is about putting Wilbur in a team that does no follow up damage that OP is missing. Titan and quest teams aside, I’m focusing on PVP only. Your whole point started with ‘you don’t need a sniper, you need a huge AOE dealer …’ - but OP doesn’t have one (well, now we know they do, but maxing Azlar over Vanda/Grazul would be plain bad idea). Boosting Vanda’s dmg will go at expense of Mitsuko’s damage and also require an overall bad for her sword path. Being that sure of tiles to rely on constant recharge for Vanda they may as well add Wu Kong to a 4-1 as his buff with Wilbur/Falcon achieves the ‘big aoe’ from tile dmg we seem to be missing.

Generally it is a tough choice as:

  • Vanda will have no emblems, but is probably the best hero to ascend thinking about the game long term
  • Grazul replaces a healer in the team opening a spot for BT replacer, but then when you max Grazul you will feel that Vanda is redundant, while Vanda is imho better than Grazul in the long run
  • Marjana would be OP’s second legendary sniper and is the only hero capable of taking out someone in defense (they seem to lack dmg in red stack overall), BUT if you run her on raid with Wilbur her damage dealt will spread (so you lose the entire point of having a sniper in the first place)
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