No Red 5* Heroes!

I do not have a single red 5* hero. I do have enough hidden blades for the final ascension on four 4* heroes.

I already have one each Boldtusk, Gormek and Scarlet at 4-70.

I also have two more Boldtusk and one each of Sir Lancelot, Sumitomo and Colen at 3-60.

Finally I have an additional Boldtusk, Colen, Gormek and Scarlet at 1-1.

I enjoy wars, titans and challenges most but I also raid enough to collect a daily chest.

What is my best option while waiting for the elusive red 5* hero to arrive?

Lancelot is the best choice of those at 3/60 to ascend imo, followed by a second BT or Colen. His atk boost is the same as Bolstusks and the mana up can be pretty useful when paired with average or slower heroes.

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Thanks. Sumitomo and Colen have been hard for me to evaluate except as opponents. The RNG gods did not choose to max either of their specials.

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I have found Sumitomo more useful in PvE than PvP. He gets a run in wars and sometimes when I want to stack heavy on red in raids, but he doesn’t do much for the team and should not be put on def imo. Colen on the other hand can be brutal. And fingers crossed you get Wilbur should you do any more Atlantis summons!

Agree with the above that Lancelot would be first in line, then I’d do Colen for variety before maxing a second BT.

Hmmm. Lots to consider but I already ascended Lancelot! I guess next time I ask for help I’ll wait a little longer before jumping. Thanks much tho’. I now have input before I ascend my next 4* red hero!