Which Red should I ascend 1st, for Tank AW

Edit: Poll is closed, and I choose Anzogh 1st to ascend.

I currently use Boldtusk+9 as my Tank in AW.
Here is my current roster so far:

And I have 11 rings and 9 blades.

Which should I ascend my 5* hero? Marjana, Anzogh, Grazul, or wait?

  • Marjana
  • Anzogh
  • Grazul
  • Wait / Boldtusk

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My current AW defense: Seshat - Grimm - BT - Poseidon - Melendor
My current Raid defense: Hansel - BT - Boril - Poseidon - Seshat

And any advice for defense and leveling project periority is very welcome.
Thank you!

Alby Mag Pos Grazzy Sesh

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OK @Olmor thanks, after Magni and Alby maxed I will switch, thats my plan.

So my plan for AW def is:
Alby - Magni - BT - Poseidon - Seshat

And my plan for raid def is:
Alby - Magni - Ursena - Poseidon - Seshat
but, Ursena still need to wait tabard, and I think I will ascend Panther 1st. And your advice is nice to try for me, thanks.

@Olmor, so for AW defense, any advice please? It should be Red Tank.

Pose Alby Anz King Sesh

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I use Marjana for my Red AW tank. Bit I’d probably lean towards Grazul given a choice (I don’t have any non-S1 red 5*).

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Grazzy isn’t as tanky as Anz imo.
She’ll cast too early and should be more effective on flank.

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OK, but I have only 4 Tonics, and my King is at 1.1, still leveling Alby.
So, maybe:
Alby - Magni - Anzogh - Pose - Sesh ?
(I know, the colors is not best, because anzogh is red and magni is blue)

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Yes, you better field slightly weaker maxed heroes until your elite will be ready.

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Most likely true but I’ve never found Anzogh to be any harder to face than an emblemed BT.


Okay yes, since slash attacks will be relatively heavy as long as he’s active, but I’m always more afraid of hitting tanks.

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Main difference between AW and Raids is an ability to defeat defence team with several attacks of weak teams instead of one attack of best team. So any sniper is a bad tank as he/she cannot realy penalize weak attacker teams. From this point of view Anzogh is best option.

I do not have Marjana but have another 5* sniper - Magni. And I have not noticed much change between 3.70 and 4.80 Magni but difference between 3.70 and 4.80 Anzogh is a huge one.