Suggestions on who to ascend next

Hi all!

I find myself again in trouble with deciding who to ascend next among my heroes… since i am posting from my phone i will try to be brief but there’s a lot to ask!

Currently ascended heroes
The hatter

My other 5* heroes
Khagan x2

Lianna x2

Domitia x2



I am curently trying various defense teams and i am in low diamong, rarely dropping in platinum, atm i am mainly focused on

  1. isarnia hatter anzogh vivica seshat
  2. isarnia anzogh vivica seshat hatter
  3. isarnia hatter anzogh yunan seshat

About option 3, i love the idea of having two opposite-than-tank colors in 2 and 4 position and i was good with anzogh tank flanked by hatter and emblemed buddy but i switched buddy’s emblems to seshat once i maxed her so i am now trying to find something “stable”

Attack team is usually boldtusk+13, wilbur+16 anzogh (despite what a lot of people say, i love him) plus two other depending on who i am attacking.

For more info, here’s a list of my 4*
G. Jackal
Wu Kong (makes ranvir not worth the mats?)
Li xiu
Jack o hare

At the moment i intend to ascend next the following:

  • yunan to have a great tank or even flank (with anzogh tank as i was saying earlier)
  • thorne (wait for magni from camp or a better blue?)
  • Justice (wait for joon from camp or another yellow?)
  • natalya or azlar, probably natalya?
  • domitia (same as justice/thorne)… i pull everytime there’s kageburado but no luck… I’d give half my roster for him :wink:

I am open to suggestions and thank you all in advance!! Wish you a great day


Lianna yunan ranvir 20 charsssss

Ok so lianna before yunan? What about natalya/azlar? Thanks for the suggestion!

Are all your 4* maxed already?

I have Justice at 3/70, and use her often in war, and in rush attack tourneys.
Also have Obakan at 3/70, and he’s ok, mostly use in war.

I have Thorne, but he’s waiting in a long blue queue.

I have none of the others, as I’m neither lucky nor a real spender.

Yeah echoing are your 4* maxed? Having Wu Kong, Grimm, Kiril, Rigard, Caedmon, and Sumitomo maxed myself I get the importance of those. Sumitomo was my defense tank until I maxed Marjana. Also having Wu Kong hasn’t discouraged me from getting Ranvir maxed, currently at 3/65 and use both heroes every AW.

Yes i have all those maxed or close to max! I have been playing for a long time as f2p then c2p and i am just afraid to waste some unfarmable AM on the wrong heroes!

Are you asking purely for raid defense?

If yes, then:

Isarnia - Seshat - Yunan - Thorne - Azlar

Some may think lightly of my above suggestion but it can be a real pain to deal with.
Good boards will break any defense but just make sure you punish those who have bad boards. :wink:

Yes airhawk sorry I forgot to say my main focus is raiding!
We regularly beat 8-9* titans in my alliance and i am almost always in top 3 so i am more oriented in improving AW and raid defence… i dont like thorne much but i see your point in him flanking yunan! Got only 1 telescope now so it will take long time to ascend him but thank you

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Who are the wizard emblems going on, Anzogh or Isarnia?

I think Lianna is great. But your Ranger emblems are on Seshat.

Yunan is a great tank if you need one. Anzogh is certainly passable. I’d youre going to keep Anzogh tank then I would suggest ascending Lianna over Yunan.

Thorne is kind of meh. It’s legit to wait if you’re planning to do pulls in the future. If you don’t do a lot of pulls I might not wait.

In yellow I would do Ranvir ahead of Justice. Unless you need a yellow tank for Alliance Wars.

Natalya is great imo

Purple? Tough call. Not a huge fan of Domitia or Obakan. Obakan better on defense imo.

Yes my emblems are on anzogh on attack path to maximize his healing.

I do some pulls every now and then and this is why i dont like the idea of using my AM on heroes like domitia, obakan, thorne… i know they are 5* but it takes ages to farm 6 of those AM and dont want to waste on “mediocre” heroes!

I am oriented towards ranvir rather than justice although i really dont have a real tank… i guess they choice is either yunan+ranvir or lianna+justice

Would something like isarnia yunan anzogh hatter seshat work in your opinion?

I don’t love the mana speeds on that proposal. Mana speed is huge in this game. Fast and Very Fast rule the day for the most part. I think most defenses should have 2 fast heroes at minimum. Yours has multiple slows and multiple average speed.

As I said unless you’re using Yunan at tank then you should be ascending Lianna instead of him. Fast vs slow.

Isarnia is a good slow. And Yunan is a good slow tank. But I like having at least two fast snipers so you want someone like Lianna to join Seshat.

I’d go

Thank you dave! Small update: one pull granted me Poseidon this morning!!! I guess he’ll be replacing ranvir in your suggestions and will get the darts! I am so happy today :))

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