Ursena or Panther?

Edit: Poll is closed, I decided Panther 1st.

So, I have 6 tabard now, Currently my AW tank is red, so I do not need purple tank, but later maybe our AW will change or also can be later for my tank in raid. Is it good to ascend Panther 1st? or it is OK at 3.70? My titan currently at 8*-9*, and I bring wilbur, so no problem for her survive. I think Panther in raid offense is also great. My only 5* purple max is Seshat.

My current defense: Alby - Magni - BT - Poseidon - Seshat
BT soon will replace with Anzogh.

Here is my current rosters:

So, which one should I ascend 1st?

  • Ursena
  • Panther

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Need advice, thank you.

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That’s a tougher one.

Panther, if you fight 10*+ titans.

If you need a cool dark tank, go with Ursl first. In the long run definitely both.

Maybe depending on their classes, too. Do you lack of sorcerers or fighters?

Reflection is a superb special, since def debuff stacks.


Panther first imo. Much better on offense, absurdly good vs yellow titans. Combos really well with Seshat on offense.

I’m qualified to speak on this matter as I have all 3 maxed.

Ursena is amazing on defense but very underwhelming on offense unless the opponent has multiple yellows.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Panther.

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This, I have so many fighter: BT, Poseidon, Magni, and next Panther, and later Kingston.
Sorcerers, no competition: Ursena, Sabina, Ceshire Cat and Ameonna.


OK, make sense :+1:


Only dark i would even consider ascending ahead of panther is hel. And even then I’d probly still go panther.

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Panther because she is closest to ascending.

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I’m slowly level and I’m in patient, tabard is very very rare.

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If you don’t need the purple tank go Panther

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