My first Red, Marjana or Anzogh?

Edit: Poll is closed, and I choose Anzogh 1st to ascend.

  • Anzogh
  • Marjana
  • Keep rings for others

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Edit: pool added 3 option.

I still not yet decide which should I ascend, Anzogh or Marjana?
I already read from community some said bad and some said okay. I want advice from this decision at least from my current roster. Thanks.
Here is my current roster.

Current material inventory:

For easy to lookup priority, and detail:


Grey background means already used ascension / ascended.

My current trophy 2200 (Platinum), defense:

Some times change with BT as tank. What is best for defense based on my current roster?
Need advice for my next red, Anzogh or Marjana? I plan Anzogh for my flank candidate.

Can’t go wrong with Mary-Jane


Wilbur - BT - Falcon - Anzogh
This, at war, will do some major damage and the heal will be very good! Apart from Falcon, they all charge at the same speed

I have a 3/70 Anzogh and coupled with Wilbur, it does a very good job in a 3 stack at war. Don’t have numbers in head, but once they are charged, my flag is won, with Kelile clearing the remaining.

What is cool about Anzogh’s heal is that it is calculated amongst your injured team, instead of your whole team. So if he hits for 1000 and only one of you is injured, he will be healed by 200, instead of 40.

He might not be the beast Ares or GM are, but i think he is better than some judge him.

Take him to 3/70, as you have plenty of blades, and pair with Wilbur and he will serve you well on offense.


I’d ascend Scarlett before any of them lol. She’s awesome, I can’t live without her fast atk- and massive attack stat (4th highest overall for red heroes, just behind G. Kong, Azlar and Elena)

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For sure! I would give some of his 4* more love before his 5*, but it’s not his initial question :rofl:
Maxed Triton hits like a truck, especially paired with Grimm and Kiril.
Gafar is actually very useful in class trial.
LJ is amazing IF he survives long enough :rofl:

Ps: Kinda jealous of your 1/1 VIvica, she would fit so well in my roster :joy:


Hmm, in that case it’s a tough choice :thinking:

Marjana is the best TC20 red hero, and it’s not like she’d be irrelevant since there’s no GM in the roster.

Anzogh gets a lot of :poop: around here, I think he’s okay though. The closest hero I have to him is Red Hood; both hit, both heal their team (through different means) and both protect. Although Hood protects her entire team whereas Anzogh only red heroes.

At least this is a good problem to have. If it was me, I’d go with Marjana, just cuz I like snipers, hard to really go wrong with them.

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Thank you all for the polls and suggestion.
Wow, only 3 people choose Anzogh and it is included with me, lol.

My priority in order is offense, war, raid, titan. But if my leveling project plan can also replace my current defense raid/war, that will be a bonus, I mean I want to try in low Diamond arena.
Currently leveling Poseidon and Seshat, both fast sniper can be my next defense candicate.
And I was thinking Anzogh can be as my flank. So if I choose Marjana, then it will be 3 fast sniper.

Yes, thats why I asked again here, which is already experience using him at max or 3.70.

Yes, you are correct, I also already mention in past trial, fast attack debuff is huge, and also she is my highest red tile. I will ascend scarlet 1st after marjana 2.60.

I know, but Magni also hit hard, and can be as my defense candidate.

Correct, thanks for the suggestion, I will rearrange later on.

I want next project is slow heroes, like LJ, Gaderius, Colen, Hu Tao, because for tournament and also Trial, and also for variety.

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Marjana is actually pretty good. I think Anzogh fills the same kind of role as BT for you, so I’d go with her. Her attack could be higher, but her special does legit damage and adds DOT, she’s fast and sturdy too. She’s a very good tank at Platinum, and keeps my alt. team in Diamond, so she’s definitely worth it. PLEASE don’t level Scarlett over her.

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My current defense is :
Rigard +12 / Grimm +18 / 3/70 Anzogh / Sonya +12 / Hu +7
Less than stellar or perfect, i know, but i am winning more with that than my previous defenses, where Sonya or Rigard are my tanks.
That is at 2200 cups.
Paired with Grimm, it seems to do good, can’t wait to see when maxed. Still 2 rings short :tired_face:

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I am in a pretty similar situation having Anzogh (3.70), Red Hood (3.70), Wilbur (4.70), BT (4.70) and Scarlett (3.60)…just got Falcon last week and he is my current red project…

Having Scarlett I would not ascend Marjana, seems not a priority for me… I have the mats for ascend either Anzogh or Red Hood, once I max Falcon one of them will get the rings… so far the lead is for Anzogh, sinergy Anzogh BT Wilbur and Falcon is great for ofense, but Anzogh could work as part of your defense mainly as flank, but could be a decent tank if a red one is needed (for AW maybe?)… if defense is not a priority for you go with Red Hood, but if you want a balance, Anzogh is more suitable for you…

Spending rings on Marjana having a Scarlett maxed with only 4 blades and with much higher attack stats make no sense for me imho…


Marjana’s defense and health are about 200 and 400 points higher respectively. Her special deals almost as much direct damage, but to 1 hero, which is preferred to me, as well an addtional 300 over 6 turns that isn’t affected by the enemies defense. Scar’ett’s attack down is useful, but like the DOT from Marjana can be dispelled.

Makes no sense to me to use the hero that is likely to die before using her special instead of the one that will be there to help you win the battle. Scarlett is currently in 1 of the top 100 teams line-ups - Marjana is in 49. They are just not comparable heroes.

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But the issue is to decide between Anzogh, Red Hood and Marjana, not between Scarlett and Marjana right? And actually in that matter I suggested either Anzogh or Red Hood considering the following:

  1. if player is more focused on defense or offense or want a balance on both…

  2. really important the SINERGY of the heroes he already have on his red roster…which of the three could take more advantage with BT, Wilbur, and Falcon … since I have all of them plus Red Hood and Anzogh I think I could be in a position to give a proper advice based in my experience…

  3. having.a good red sniper on Scarlett the idea to ascend a *5 sniper could not be a priority imho… also having Magni, Poseidon and Seshat he is well covered for sniper rol… and that’s what I said… I never said he must use Scarlett in his defense team…


Based on your current roster, I’ll choose Anzogh over Marjana. Your future team already consist of 3 fast sniper in Seshat, Poseidon and Magni which are sure bet. Another fast mana Kadilen (margy is too niche) for the nature hero. That left Marjana and Anzogh. So, Anzogh will get the nod for some Aoe and healing.
Another option will be going Marjana and replacing Poseidon with Vivica as your healer (both are good though).
Then again, Vivica’s attack boost actually help Anzogh big time.
Bring them to 3 70 to get a hands on experience and choose ones that suit your playing style the most.
Btw, I’ve had Anzogh in my defense team and with Kiril’s boost, he had been able to keep my lousy team in 2500 cup range overnight.


Both are perfectly fine. Since you have a decent amount of snipers I’d maybe do Anzogh.

I know you’re planning on him as flank which is his ideal position but once he’s maxed he likely going to be your best tank for a while. I don’t see any better tanks in your roster


Anzogh will be my tank candidate suggested by @DaveSonnenberg.
Currently in my level project plan: Poseidon (sniper), Seshat (sniper) and Magni (sniper). So I think Marjana can wait.

I realy realy want Rigard and Sonya in my roster :sweat_smile: my TC is currently upgrading to 20 (1 day 21h more, and then 7 days research, ouch…).

Correct… nice argument based on my roster condition, and also similiar situation, thanks for the suggestion.

But my current level project plan are 3 sniper, and maybe plus one more sniper Kadilen as mentioned by @AliceCooper.

Thank you for mention Kadilen here, so 4 sniper will be in next level project.

Great info, I can try later.

Yes, correct.

I’m glad that many members choose Marjana (vanilla hero), which is confirm me, that she is strong, sturdy and valuable can compate with HOTM, I know Anzogh is not best HOTM.

OK, I decide based on my roster to ascend Scarlett, and bring Anzogh to 3.70 1st.
Thank you all for the suggestion.


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