Ascend Anzogh or Grazul?

I have the rings for only one. I have Elena, Red Hood, Colen, and Kelile maxed. I have Anzogh at 3/61 and just pulled Grazul.

I feel like Grazul will make a great tank since my alliance does red war tanks but I have all my cleric emblems in Kunchen and I’m hesitant to reset him. That said, her mana speed may be worth the reset. I also have my wizard emblems in Onatel so I’m definitely not willing to give those to anzogh.

Right now I use Red Hood, who is at the 7th emblem tier as my war tank. My war defense team is: poisedon, kunchen, red hood, kageburado, and onatel. I switch where I put kunchen depending on if the war is field aid or not but red is always the tank.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

In my opinion, grazul is more better than anzoghi. Because it is very fast and it immune your heroes.

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I would ascend Grazul. I’m not overly impressed by Anzogh, and Red Hood is better than him anyways.

I am not sure how effective a tank Grazul will be since she does no damage, lightly heals, is dispellable, and the buff duration is very short. Probably not the best combination.

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In my honest opinion and I have both these heroes, I would take Anzogh to 3/70 and then work Grazul to the same level. See how both play and then decide who to max out. Good luck


Convince your alliance to shift to purple tanks. Kunchen is a great war tank, especially with Grazul at his flank.


I also have Azlar, but he needs leveling. Would you think hes better than Grazul? I wouldn’t want to take the emblems from poisedon so I never considered him to be an option for a war tank since he dies too quickly before his special goes off.

I was thinking that, too. :grin:

Lol, if that was best for the alliance I would. But at this time almost everyone has a really good red option. Only a few of us have good purple options

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