5☆ Red Dilemma-KKTDBeast78 Edition

I’ve been playing this game for about 3 years, and I usually have a reasonable idea of who to

Now I find myself going stir-crazy trying to decide my next 5 star red.

Here’s the lineup.

Marjana 3/70
Mitsuko 3/70
Red Hood 3/70
Anzogh 3/70
Queen of Hearts 3/70
Santa Claus 3/31
Jean-Francois 1/1
Tyr 1/1

These are who I have maxed.

Azlar 4/80 (+19)
Ares 4/80 (+19)
Capt. Kestrel 4/80 (+11)
Zimkitha 4/80
Grazul 4/80

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Tyr or Marj, get you sniping power in there.


Agree with Corey, probably favour Marj as she can hit a bit harder. Tyr is a resurrection beast though

Thanks @CoreyOfTheIsland @Infinite.

I was wondering about maxing a sniper or a 3rd healer type. I know I’ve got a good amount of utility, but still wasn’t sure.

For me, it’s between two thoughts…

You don’t have a red sniper, so Marj is an obvious first thought.

Alternatively, you could look towards QoH or Mitsy to extend battles and bring slower hero’s into play… It kinda depends how you set your teams up and what you have in other colours.

I don’t think either would be wrong.

btw how is your +19 Azlar treating you? He doesnt stack as well with Marj as he would with Tyr.

Theres a nice little debate on another thread over whether Azlar deserves maxing.

Disclaimer: I am pro Azlar.

@CoreyOfTheIsland He works well on maps and tournys.

On raid/war offense, different story…

Lately the AI has been targeting Azlar…alot.
7 times out of 10 he doesn’t fire. However it is possible that I was facing teams with emblemed (?) snipers.

BTW, also pro-Azlar, just willing to accept there are much more durable reds.

I am personally a big fan of Mitsuko, mine is at +17 and is very, very useful

So Mitsuko is never a wrong choice for me, just fast snipers are needed in the current META. If @KKTDBeast78 has snipers galore in other colours, then Mitsuko is an excellent choice

@Infinite I have these (all are at least 4/80 unless noted):

Lianna +18
Poseidon (4/75)
Magni +19
Finley (Don’t judge, I’m counting him)

Any revisions?

Mitsuko hands down, you have a bunch of fast firepower there

For me, it would be Tyr unless you can fully emblem Marj. Either is a good choice

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Tyr or Mitsuko. I would eat marj and never look back

marj is the only red sniper though…

IMHO, you don’t NEED a sniper in every element. Marj is only viewed as “good” if you can pump emblems into her and because as you said, she is the only red sniper. Her hit is unimpressive and if a 5* need a bunch of emblems to become “good” its not that good of a hero to start.

I haven’t maxed any of my copies of Marj and I do more than fine with my red teams.

Also, Mitsuko has much much much more utility. Natural counter for Vela, Finley, and all the other blue monsters. Hits fine without emblems (like a damn truck with them), and has mana drop for three. Tyr is going to be one of the top offense heroes out there. not a crazy damage dealer, but a truly insane (bordering OP) special.

Why emblem another sniper (OP has 6) when you have solid gold sitting unleveled on your roster?


between the f2p snipers lianna, joon, magno, marj and sartana (I have all 5 maxed), Marj is easily the best on offense and defense from my perspective. Evade cannot possibly ever be fully appreciated enough. Also, her damage and dot damage is pretty good. Not Lianna’s but way better than Magni…

I do think Tyr makes the most sense for op though.

Evade is a fantastic skill (my +20 and +10 jackals nod in silent agreement), but not a reason to max a hero IMHO. skills with X% to happen (especially those under 40%) are not reliable enough to over come the guarantees that newer heroes offer + their own emblem skills.

Mitsuko and Tyr are no brainers (to me) when compared to Marj.

Edit: Also Mitsuko’s delay and Tyr’s revive are perfectly matched for their abilities/ss

I can see @CoreyOfTheIsland 's point on Marj.

  1. I won’t be able to emblem her for a while.
    Kestrel is currently my Rogue emblem focus at
    moment (He’s on my defense team.)

  2. I don’t see apart from war/raids how she
    would justify the rings. She’d be fine at 3/70
    now on maps and quests.

  3. Do I really need another sniper at this point?
    I have Kingston and Alice at 3/70, and they will
    most likely be leveled soon.

BTW I forgot to mention, I also have White Rabbit at 4/80 as well.

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my advice stands.

You wont go wrong with Mitsuko or Tyr.

Mitsuko is especially valuable now with all the Telly/Vela combos out there.

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let’s go for Tyr. One man wrecking team.

First mitsuko and then tyr.

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