Help on next red decision

I am trying to decide on my next red ascension. Options are Tyr, Vanda, Marg, JF. This would be for raids/wars/titans as I don’t see either replacing GM at this point. Current D team is Sartana, Skadi, Telluria, GM, Joon. Thank you in advance for your help!

Rest of roster can be seen here:

Are you planning to do some costume pulls? I know the odds are low but you may be getting Marjana costume.
She would be an asap hero to be maxed. Good for raids, wars and titans.

Do you plan to emblem any of them? Marj with emblems can make some damage. She has a dot like your GM but you can always aim to another target with her.

How is your red attack team? Mono red?

All your options have something good and new to add to your red squad. Marj add fire power(better if you can emblem her) , tyr is sticky as hell , doesnt hit as hard as an sniper but can carry a match.

Vanda is really useful, like Grazul to overcome this dot meta. So , its not easy to recommend you one of them. If its based on personal preference i would do

Vanda - Tyr - Marj

I picked Vanda because shes v.f like your GM and the aliment protection , fired on time, can be game changer


Vanda and Marj I could do around 1k emblems, Tyr is about 500, so I cam bump them a bit. I am going to do costume pulls, will have enough for 10 pulls without any purchases. The debate on that is to pull now or wait for the Feb HOTM as they look pretty solid. I currently have 9 rings and 12 blades.

If you are going to wait until february to pull from costume chamber its better that you max one of your reds now. By february / march its possible you can ascend another one.

Saying that , i would go with Vanda.

Good gaming !


Thanks for the advice!

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