The red proposal - who shall get the rings?

My alt account is going to get 6th set of rings which means red dillema for me…
Current red 5*: Ares +7 (who will give away emblems to telluria) and Mariana +7
Pretenders: Azlar, Khagan or 2nd Marjana
Limitations: f2p so I wont get any of the shiny heroes…although I collect coins for May pull in Atlantis :wink: But getting back to reality - I can only get Elena from TC as the missing hero…I know tha she has great stats and utility on titans so she could get the rings. But what she can also keep on evading me for another x months and the rings will be covered with dust.
My rooster has curently 9 maxed 5* so another one would be nice improvement…
Maybe Azlar - for tournaments purpose?
Kinda puzzled so I’m asking for a piece of advice…

Azlar is equally good as a Tile Damaged for titans (compared to Elena). He also offers the big damage for tournaments & raiding.

Marjana is probably the only other contender imo (khagan is a last resort). She’s the opposite end of the stock to Azlar really… She’s not got nearly as great attacking stats BUT she’s fast mana & a sniper. This paired with her class make her popular for defence teams.

So I guess it comes down to play style… Do you need a fast sniper for raids & war? If so go with Marjana. Otherwise if you prioritise titans & tournaments & can make use of a slower bigger damage hero in raids (particularly powerful if paired with Wilbur) go with Azlar.

If it was me personally I would probably go Azlar over Marjana but… Not necessarily the best option for you and how you play.

Thanks for input - my Marjana serves me well but I don’t feel like another one would become game changer :slight_smile:
I somehow forgot about BT - Wilbur - Azlar combo that is devastating for opponents :slight_smile:
And considering my style of play - most of my heroes are fast snipers and avg support :slight_smile: but I’m learning how to play with slow heroes (Heimdall / Vivica / Isarnia) and still win :slight_smile:
Looks like the king of the jungle can be the next ringmaster :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the king of the jungle Guardian Kong really…?

I mean lions aren’t even IN the jungle :wink:

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In my honest opinion I would leave Khagan for your last 5* red (I have and he is still on the bench).
And I much prefer variety in my roster so duplicate Marjana goes behind Azlar and Elena who both have great stats.
So for me, if you have the costume for Elena go with her. If not you will get more use from Azlar.
Good luck

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