Which Red- Nat or Santa

Hi everyone
My teams

I got Santa and started to level him and then inthe last 5 minutes on Atlantis I got Nat and now the dilemma .

Which one to level up and fit In with my team. I’m inclined to le level Nat as I hate MN and Alby and she’s a great counter to them

So any advice welcome

Thanks Tom

PS I also haven’t dismissed Grazul but I have Marj
I’m also levelling up Issy and Lianna and Grimble as well.

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I’d max marj or Grazul over both of them personally. Good luck with whomever you decide.

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If Santa is going to be your tank, go St Nick. If not, Marj or Nat - whomever you have better emblems for


I’d recommend Grazul first, but between Nat and Santa I’d say Nat first.

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Wait for the Destroyer of Worlds to come for our souls in February.


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