Santa Claus or Grazul?

Good Morning. With my last Epic Hero Token I got Santa! I also have Grazul. Currently my defensive tank is Mitsuko, but I will soon have Justice and move Mits to Flank. I also have all 5 4* healers well emblemed.

Would I be better served at this point ascending SC or Graz? I should have the MATs to ascend by the time I level them up. Thoughts?

Based on your plans for tank, I would level Santa. Justice will work as tank for a while but won’t easily keep you in diamond arena. Santa will - at least he has for me.


Based on where the game is heading for Id say to ascend Grazul before Santa Claus.


Grazul has worked well for me as tank staying right around 2400 cups. She also is great on offense. Santa’s slow mana makes me sad, but it’s still a tough choice. I’d go w/ Grazul, because she works in lots of situations that Santa is too slow for.

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Very helpful friends. It is good having options!

If your tank HAS TO be red, then Santa Claus (not “Cluas” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) should be your option. But I wouldn’t rush with levelling a red until February. Not as long as the red hotm will be a genocide lord (if he will be released like this). That fast red deserves all the rings in the world… Who knows? I got Seshat and Kingston this year with the last EHT in the last day…


Great advice! I’ll bring both up to 2-60 and see where to go from there. Oddly enough my luck in TC20 has been crap, then I get 2 Azlars withing 3 days. Obviously Azlar takes a back seat to there two. Wish I typed as fast as my brain worked. I’m helpless without spell check!

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Btw, I disabled the spell check too… The autofill feature is what you need to have enabled. At least, I find this to be faster and safer. I type 1-2 letters, then click above on the suggested word :slight_smile:

P.S. But why only 2.60? Do you have problems with hidden blades too?

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Blades are an issue yes. Not because I don’t get many but moreso I’ve been drowning in good red heros. BT, Mits and Wilbur have gotten my full attention the last 2 months.

I have a similar problem … I have the mats to level one of my red 5* heroes. The options are Grazul, Anzogh or Elena or Khagan…
My current defence team is Rigard, Richard, Onatel, Kadilen and Red Hood …
Who would you say my next red 5* should be?

Of those I’d do Grazul for sure. Only one I would NOT do is Khagan, I never seem to have a problem facing him. The other are rather pesky.

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