Who to ascend? Redhood, Marjana, or Santa Claus?

I was lucky enough this month to pull three legendary heroes, Redhood, Marjana, and Santa. All three are new to me and I like all three. When I raid teams with these heroes I know they’re tough to beat! But I don’t have enough materials to ascend them all to the 4th tier yet. Who should I focus on first for the fourth tier? What do all of you think of these heroes? Who would you pick and why?

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I’ll tell u right off the bat they are gonna ask to see ur roster so pop out those screenshots lol


It all depends on your needs.

Santa is a tank and that’s about it (maybe rush raid tourneys but no need to focus on those…ever)

Redhood is a nice healer/mana buffer. She works as a good flank from what I have seen.

Marjana is a decent sniper with added burn.

P.S. I have none of them so just going off of playing against them and reading.

So a lot depends on the rest of your roster, your focus, and what you want to get better at.

In a nutshell I like Redhod.

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So basically if u need a tank santa u need a support hero red hood if u need a sniper Marjana.


The only really solid tank I have right now is Kunchen. with emblems his defense is at 850+. But before, all I had for good red attackers was Elaina, Colen, Kalile and that’s it for good ones. I have gormek and a couple of Boldtusks and that’s it for my fully leveled reds for wars or raids. I really needed more red and I got them!

If you need healer, then Red Hood. I would do that since I have exactly 0 5* healers unless we don’t count folks that heal themselves (Leonidas, Elkanen) or can steal healing (Victor).

If you need fast sniper, Marjana is a good choice.

If you need a tank with a nuke option that can instantly turn the tide of battles if it can fire and opponent does not have a cleanse and dispeller, then Santa. Santa does so many things with his special and is sturdy enough to survive even slow mana charge.

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Thanks you guys! This is great advice.:+1:

I have Marjana and Santa at 80, no hood but I’d like one. I can’t comment much on hood. But I like Santa a lot better than Marjana. It’s not even close. Santa is great in raids/war, he’s a big beefy boi even tho he’s slow mana he always gets to fire. His debuffs are cool, the minions are good, with lvl17 mana troop he usually charges at the same time as anzogh which works well together. Marjana is ok but she doesn’t do as much for the team. She can kill a defender sometimes but often she’s not very exciting, doesn’t do much. The defender has to already be pretty weak, she doesn’t hit that hard. I was on the fence about giving Santa rings since last year. Finally did it, and he’s so much fun to play with. Marjana was my very first 80 and it didn’t take me long to become disappointed in her. I even stopped using her for awhile as I would use mono all the time, and she wouldn’t make the cut. I use her now that I’m using 3/2 more often. My vote is Santa anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: