Santa Claus or Natalya #2?

A new year brings a new dilemma. Which red to work on–Santa or a second Natalya?

My current red lineup:

Elena maxed +3 emblems
Natalya maxed
Boldtusk maxed +19 emblems
Scarlett maxed +19 emblems
Wilbur maxed +14 emblems
Gormek maxed +19 emblems
Colen maxed +6 emblems
Kelile maxed

Thank you!

Question ur self:

  1. Do u really need 2nd natalya? If no choose santa
  2. Do u need strong red tank? If yes choose santa
  3. Will u try to get red feb hotm? If yes then wait for jean francois on feb

@mogulemon my alliance has been running purple tanks for a long time. I use Frida as my raid tank.

When I was using a red tank, it was my +19 Boldtusk. Not sure if that clarifies anything.

My opinion is 2nd natalya is not worth it. If u have to choose between those 2, then choose santa for diversity purpose.

But before u give santa rings, then take a look at this feb hotm. He is look very strong. U might wanna keep those rings if RNGseus on your side and give u jean francoise

@mogulemon awesome. Truthfully I’ll be finishing Jabberwock over the next 1-2 weeks anyway.

Santa will be fun if I don’t draw the Feb HOTM. Thank you.

My vote:

wait till Feb & see if you get Jean-Francois.

If you get JF, max him first.

If you DON’t get JF, max Santa… Variety first :slight_smile:

In my honest opinion. If your alliance runs with Purple Tanks for war, then I would go for variety and max out Santa. Good luck

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