Reds, Reds, Reds... Oh... And Reds

Hello all! Looking for some advice on my reds. Particularly my 5s and how they will affect my war and Raid Defense teams. Below are my options for 5 reds. I was blessed with two Santa’s after having Elena. Then my Alt Account threw me BK and JF… Now I feel lost as I thought I knew my direction before Koa! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated on what red to focus on and what to do now with my defenses!

Santa is a great tank or left flank. Personally though, BK is my favorite tank but I only use him for raid defense as my alliance does not typically field red tanks for war. I hold 25-2600 cups no prob with BK as tank and out of all those reds he is likely to be used most consistently in my defense. At slow mana speed Santa is best as tank or left flank. I like JF for offense typically and if you ask around you’re going to get all sorts of varying opinions on JF both good and bad. I have tried him in a few war defenses though as right wing (depending on war defender support) and the results didn’t vary much from using BK as flank or Marjana as right wing if that helps. I never use Elena for defense. Good tile damage but brittle on defense and the riposte doesn’t cover for that imo.
With your particular defense though I don’t think BK would be the best fit with those heroes. It would be too passive a defense with Tarlak, Sabina, and BK. And I would keep Sabina in as opposed to proteus since Tarlak is a glass canon himself with a lesser HoT. If you had different players then BK might be a better fit but I think Santa works best for your defense as is (cause you do want your defense to kill the enemy) unless you change your def lineup down the road.


Thanks for the advice! I was thinking of running Sabina, Santa, Arthur, BK, and Neith. I have Poseidon ready to max so I was going to swap Neith out for him once maxed. That way I can hold my blue tank strat for wars and then have a beefy 3 up front. Sabina is my weak link and the only purple 5* I have is obakan…

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Sabina may be the weak link but seems to be your best healer option for now and her dispel is nice. Hopefully the RNG gods bestow a stronger 5* healer upon you sooner rather than later.

Lol one can only hope! No luck yet and not too many options coming up! I’m also getting tired of hunting for gems and want to become of even cheaper cheap 2 play player haha spent a lot of gems for LotL and got BK. So I will save up till I see something that I can try for…

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Good luck risky! Maybe season 3 will turn out better for ya.

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Thanks YokaiRabbit! Good luck with your ventures in Season 3!

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I wouldn’t swap my BK for any red hero in the game, period…

Very good defence tank and incredible on offense too.
JF is great in stacks (esp. mono), but BK shines everywhere.


So I have blue tanks in war x, BK, Arthur, x, x? That’s what the placement would be… I can work JF up but it’ll be awhile before both are maxed… And would you stack JF in there?

What do you guys think of Jean vs Natalya?

Personally for the long run I would prefer Jean partially because I don’t have experience with Natalya. And by long run, I mean maxing him out with troops and attack emblems. A photo was posted of a maxed Jean (no emblems) doing what amounted to a total of 456 DoT for 2 turns with a maxed attck troop. Now if you have a level 30 attack troop with Jean at full attack emblems that number then approximates 504 DoT damage over two turns to all heroes on opponent team which is substantial. For each attck node his DoT goes up by six. The last attck emblem on path is a percentage so my number isn’t exact but in the ball park I hope. His def inverse/buff is great too. Also, with many wizards out there competing for emblems it’s an automatic no for most I think but I have committed to maxing him for now. And again, can’t speak to Natalya unfortunately. I think a fair question would be whether you are looking for or needing a red sniper or a red AoE hero?

Like Yokai, I can’t speak to experience on Natalya, but the DoT to all enemies compared to Natalya’s non dispellable DoT to one enemy might be where the answer lies. I think what allows JF to beat out Natalya is the other effects with his special. And how it will effect multiple allies/enemies rather than one enemy for Natalya’s special.